Multicontracts - Now available for testing!

We’ve recently added a new feature to Singularity which we’d love to get your help in testing. Alliances and corporations frequently use contracts to distribute ships to their members and setting up each contract individually is a time intensive task. We’re hoping to simplify this for you by allowing you to simultaneously create up to 30* contracts for selected ships at once.
*This number is subject to change

When creating an Item Exchange contract you’ll see a new option for “Assembled Ships”. When chosen, every ship that is selected will be entered into a new, separate contract with the terms listed (it’s not a requirement that all the ships are fit the same or even of the same type, you choose what ships you want to put up for contract). This will create multiple single Item Exchange contracts which are in no way different from other Item Exchange contracts.

With this feature we are focusing on the “Single ship for ISK” exchange which is most commonly used. When you use the “Assembled Ships” contract option you will no longer see the ability to offer ISK or require items - you only name your price, expiration and add a description.

It’s worth noting that, similar to multifit, this feature becomes unavailable when TiDi hits a certain threshhold to make sure it’s not adding to the problem - when this happens contracts can still be created individually.

This feature is live on Sisi for testing now and is not yet scheduled when/if this will hit TQ. We are looking to get your help with testing and feedback so we’d appreciate it if you log into Sisi and make some contracts and let us know your thoughts!


I sense a disturbance in the Force – as if thousands of logistics directors all cried out in ecstasy at once…


Very cool!


Fantastic addition, will save people so much time.

Would love to see this feature expanded to also include multi-contracting of blueprint packs (for example, build packs that include a Dreadnought + Capital construction components) and the like. But I’ll be patient and see if CCP sees value in expanding this feature.


this is really cool, and in future updates, would it be possible to make baking contracts, where it can be person 1 gives person 2 say 50m isk and in a week person 2 would have to give person 1 55m isk?

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For pizza, muffins, and other delicious outcomes.

banking :man_shrugging:

Banking is always a scam. In-game and out-of-game.

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Hi, brilliant feature. Upon testing, as opposed to the above 30 limit, the contract page limits down to 17 only:

UPDATE: 17 is my character’s personal contract limit.

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This is aweome. I wanna have your babies.

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Quick visual bug:

Amazing, this should make setting up doctrine contracts so much less of pain. Glad to see there is some iteration on stuff like this.

However, what I really want to see is being able to set contracts to an alliance from a corp not in said alliance. It is a massive pain to have to manage contracts on chars, who are limited to only 21 contracts each, than just letting my (out of alliance) industry corp handle it all. Alternatively an Advanced Contracting skill, which adds 8 contracts per level similar to the market order skills, would go a long way too.

Sounds like a fantastic way to scam by spamming an alliance with fake contracts from an out-of-alliance scamming corporation.

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Good change but we need more alliance contracting slots for it to be even more useful and utilized. A max of 21 alliance contracts at max skills is not much compared to the 500 corp contracts each character gets with no skills at all.

Remember people, if you run into a bug, bug report it in the sisi client itself :slight_smile:
With screenshots if possible.

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True, but this can still happen already, albeit burning a spy in the process. Not like it is hard to roll another and put a new one in though depending on the alliance.

Adding a standing filter (e.g. show +5/10 only) to available contracts at the same time (currently not needed as alliance contracts come from in house) would alleviate that. Or even better, but probably asking for too much, an ACL type system on who can post contracts to an alliance.

At this point I would settle for more skills to increase a chars available slots above 21 though.

Honestly this just sounds like it’d add a ton more problems since standings would impact more than just contract visibility.

Do not see how, if it is an option in filtering you can choose to use it or not. It is a solution to have your issue of having anyone just show up in the filtering by only showing those with a positive standing who you would trust to seed. Hell if it is truly not fit for your purposes just have it filter ‘from alliance members only’ and it works exactly like it does now.

This will make my experience in eve better. This will therefor make other people that buy my stuff’s experience better. I am super happy that you are considering the amount of contracts per char too, as having to have to log in chars (Thank you for logging off to character screen by the way) is a perhaps antiquated arbitrary limit.
Thank you for something that will help people who help people!

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