Market Selling and Contracting Limitations

Can we get the limitations removed I shouldnt require multiply toons just to setup Corp Contracts and also sell order limitations this is also pointless.

I have no issue with broker fee skills but when your market seeding with 100 fitted ships this limitation is very limiting and doesnt really have a purpose unless said purpose is to skill more toons.

You may then need another corp role for it?

There is no limit on the number of contracts a corporation can assign to itself.

There is still a limit of 60 per character issued to the corporation - and the OP wants to set up at least 100, so requires multiple characters to do this.

I personally think 60 is plenty - it keeps one player from easily from dominating the entire corp contract market. Corps are meant to be collaborative; multiple players who have contributions to make to the corp should be able to list their contracts without being drowned out by a single powerhouse player.

Same deal with market order limits - it contributes to competitive play, and forces specialization for market-oriented characters.

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Issue is logitics is normally down outside the corp so when I say corp its realy meaning to the mother corp

How is that dominating your seeding doctrine ship’s and even then sort by price pick the cheapest one the amount you have in contract does not equal dominance.

The limitations are meaningless the skill points are ours to use and are wasted on contract numbers

In fact there are a ton of examples where Skill points are wasted

EG Freight capacity is dictated by SP - fill your freight up to max whislt your in it, step out of freight does it explode no, once its loaded how does ones SP make it so it doesnt?

Even sale orders are a farce we have computers you know and excel spreadsheets :smiley:

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