Corporate Only Buy/Sell orders

It would be great to be able to post corporate only buy/sell orders at corp owned citadels and offices. This would make corporate buyout and sell programs way easier to manage and require way less paper work with all the contracts to flip through and create.

I understand that currently buy/sell orders at private citadels are not visible to the public, but for smaller corporations it’s unwieldy, since markets require a lot of investment per month and people in those would surely want them to stay public.


I’d support this, if only for simplifying the seeding of doctrines during deployments.

Setting up contracts is cancer. Seeding the market and then just telling players to buy the doctrine fit makes MUCH more sense.

By limiting it to corp or alliance (if you’re gonna do one, do the other) you’d give yourself a lot of flexibility to make sure things were correctly seeded. It would also let alliances subsidize doctrine fits without doing 300 contracts.


Would it be possible to have a corp/alliance market, no matter the station?

You can do it for contracts…

I support this, it’s a good idea.

I like it!

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