Sell orders - private vs corporation - lack of clarity


Once more I found a nonsensical flaw in the menus.

Those are the orders I put up for sale. Nothing special.

Those are the orders filtered for corporation only" (using the corp wallet).

At first glance, they don’t look much different from one another until you realize:

This entire section is missing from the corporation site

So you can’t see your orders filtered for the corp?!
And this character happened to be the CEO of this corp!

YOU (the player(s)) got ZERO rights in your corp it seems -OR- rather are left in the dark as to how your corp is doing on the market and quite frankly this is bull.

This has to be a deliberate design choice and a bad one.
The CEO should be able to get a grasp on his corp finances and so should people in charge of orders.
(the people should at least see their own stuff, while the CEO can see it all…)

This money will go to the corp money eventually.
Why bother hiding it?! That’s the entire point of putting it up like that!

… this is so pointless<.<

Please copy and paste that 1 line of code to the next page.
Let us know how much poney goes into my pocket vs how much money goes to the CORP wallet (without breaking out calculators). This was a very simple example but many people do fill those order limits regularly. I doubt those enjoy the situation.