[IDEA] Improvements to market orders screen

Been using the market orders screen for a while now and one thing that annoys me is that there is a significant difference in what is summarised for “My Orders” and “Corporation Orders”. Now this could be be because I don’t understand the mechanics but why isn’t there a detailed summary specifically for “personal” orders and “corporate orders”. It becomes almost impossible to determine which totals represent character values and which are corp.

I would like to see on the “My Orders” tab my personal orders remaining, total in escrow, sell orders and buy orders as it is now. Then in the “Corporation Orders” the same summary details screen but for Corp values. Its not fun to have them all lumped into the single set of data as I have to calculate manually based on the item orders list above. You already code the transactions to be blue for corp anyway so why cant we have a blue summary screen on the Corp orders tab??


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