UI: Market: Consolidate or reduce number of windows needed to manage Market orders

Problem: Market traders need to manage the layouts of three different windows:

A) Wallet Market Transactions - to review what was bought or sold.
B) Market Orders - to review current buy/sell orders.
C) [name of Region] Market - for research, to see what orders are beating us, and to purchase items.

  1. Could (A) and (B) be consolidated into one window, perhaps as a tab of one or the other?
  2. Could Market Transactions become a 3rd pane, displayed above or below Selling and Buying ?
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Technically, you can combine A and B in a stack to fix this.

I should probably strike that “tabbed” thought from my list of possibilities. Yes, I do that - and sometimes I slide all three windows around trying to find a good layout. I would prefer finding some method to see A and B info, together in one UI screen. I understand why “C” will probably always stand alone, it’s what the majority of players use.

At the same time please bring back the isk cent battle. The way it is now if you want exposure to liquidity in for example Jita, you may have to update the price 5 times or more in a day. But your competitors also updates his price 5 times. And all of a sudden the price has gone up 20% in a day because the minimum increment is not 0.01 ISK. This is among other things why prices become unstable. Im sure there was good intentions behind removing 0.01 isk increments on most items, but it has had negative effects on price stability.

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