Corporate Orders Not Showing Up

I have an industrial alt corporation that has a few guys doing market orders and such. I’m having an issue providing access to them to view the Corporate Orders tab in the Market window. I’ve given them the Trader role, they have access to a wallet division and hangar, and I’ve also given them the jr accountant role to attempt to get this to show up for them. They also have the contract manager role as well. They’re able to create corporate market orders but they cannot see the corp orders tab to update or view progress on the actual market orders.

Any further suggestions past what I’ve done so far would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to have to hand them director roles to solve this as there are several other projects going on within this corporation that they do not need access to. Going off of this roles listing helpdesk article they shouldn’t need any other roles but still cannot see the tab. I’ve got my own alts in this corp who have director roles that can see all of their market orders.

What am I missing?


Probably the fact that they would only see their own orders made on behalf of the corporation.

One of the characters made a corp market order and still did not have access to the tab to view/update it. I don’t know what I’m missing here.

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