Grantable Titles for Corporation Management and splitting Corporation Wallet Orders

I have been restructuring my corporation and realized that there is no grantable title function like there is for roles and my buy/sell orders for the corporation is mixed with my personal buy/sell orders. My proposal is simple, just allow grantable titles like the roles so the permissions can be easily assigned to members. For example, those who are serving in Title A can assign Titles B through C. In theory, I can have Title A serve as my Personnel Manager and he can grant Titles B through C but not D through F to new personnel other than just simply approving them. Also split the corporation buy/sell orders from my personal so I can know which one is mine and which one is the corporation.

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uhm, when you use the market window there is a tab that says “my market orders” and another that says “Corporation orders” or are you blind?

I am going to just ignore you Max, as you do not know what you are talking about. My point is very simple when it comes with wallet as they do not separate your personal and corporation orders including the one in the market window when you are the CEO of the corporation.

ok, then the next step to your issue…

you are talking about the actual Wallet “Transactions” not “orders”

well even that is simple being the CEO…it just takes a bit of effort instead of being a carebear, open corp wallet, check transactions, loo at the itemized lines of credit/debit, match what you need to the Market Transactions in the wallet…its called date, time, amount of ISK…

And dont tell me please i have no clue what im talking about, my corp is very successful in what it does…you also should try being more clear on what you are talking about…half of your OP could of been done away with.

There is no need for you to be hostile, looking at his suggestion it is quite valid and even you have to correct your own post by adding more procedures which is what he is identifying as not needed as you don’t make those extra steps when dealing with your own personal assets and market orders as the system does it for you automatically. Being hostile does nothing beneficial towards the discussion and only makes you look like a little kid and a troll.

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