Limitations of Corporation Roles & Permissions


I have an issue which I don’t believe there is a work around for but I wanted to report my findings on the forum as recommended by GM IceCream in the hope that something can be done.

I run a fairly large corporation and need to be able to have more control over titles, roles and general access permissions. I have a member title setup called “Buy Back Officer” that permits assigned members the following roles…

Communications Officer - Allowing the officer to email the corporation.
Contract Manager - Allowing the officer to buy corp contracts from members.
Trader - Allowing the officer the ability to sell on behalf of the corp.
Accounting Divisional (Buy Back Wallet) - Supposed allow the officer full access the the Buy Back Wallet.

My Buy Back Officer is unable to view transactions on the Buy Back Wallet. (Only market transactions which is extremely limited). There appears to be no way allow them full visibility or control of this divisional wallet only due to limitations in the game.

I can assign the Accountant role to allow the Buy Back Officer title full access to the Buy Back Wallet but this opens up all wallets to members of that role. Similarly, if I add the Junior Accountant role to the Buy Back Officer title, members still have full visibility of all wallets! Also to add to this limitation, my Buy Back Officers are unable to search corporation delivery assets without one of the accountant roles!

I’ve encountered so many limitations as my corporation has been growing, many of which are in direct relation to permissions and the inability to be able to set things how I need. In some cases there are simply no options!

Are there any plans to overhaul the permissions systems at all? It seems crazy to not be able to allow a specific member or title full access with all of the associated privileges to just a single wallet division whilst being able to maintain the privacy in other wallet divisions. I don’t think my member base would be too happy if their Buy Back officers could view their purchasing and PvE activities in game from the Master Wallet. I also feel that our leadership team would not be too happy to allow someone in a junior position such as this to view all of the financial activities within the corporation.

EVE is screaming out for a corporation and alliance based ACL system that allows for granular control of structures, hangers, containers and wallet divisions. A system where a CEO, Director or assigned Manager can manage a single, shared ACL with differing levels of security that control all of those aspects.

If these were real peoples finances there would be a serious GDPR case against this system xD

Thank you.


There are limits offcourse and a more expanded ruleset that allows more than 16 pre-defined roles would be fine.

The 13 premade "jobs that can be assigned to tiles are limited, but under Title Management, (View) Roles, you can scroll to Accounting Divisional. Then assign ONE or more wallet to a title. This might help a little, but there is indeed room for improvement and flexibility.

Thanks Aedaxus but this is already set. (Accounting Divisional (Buy Back Wallet)). It only allows for Market Transactions and not actual Transactions which is needed. It also doesn’t allow the Buy Back Officer the ability to search for corp deliveries.

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Another example of limitations is structure ACL’s which are created and stored by the person who created them. No one can actually view them once put in place. When a structure is transferred to another corporation within the same alliance, the ACL drops and needs to be recreated. Imagine having an ACL stored at an Alliance level instead of at a player level. Then imagine if you could set hanger and container access based off of an alliance or corporation level ACL.

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Are there any plans to overhaul this system any time soon @CCP

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