Corp Management Thoughts & Suggestion

So many of my thoughts were brought up in this post Topic for a collection of complaints about Corp Role Management but that post has since been closed.

My idea was to take structure ACL’s and Profiles and apply them to the corporation management and eliminate wallet division limitation and hangar limitation having only 7 wallets and 7 hangars is not how a corporation is run further more being restricted to only 15 titles further hampers the ability of a CEO to properly manage their corp. I feel ACL’s and Profiles would open up the corp for a more CEO friendly approach to management and give more flexibility when it comes to setting up ACL’s. ACL’s can be applied to cans, Hangars, wallets and even right down to a specific structure now that we have several kinds of structures the endless possibilities of control on a corp are available if only we had ACL’s instead of title management.

Another factor in favor of ACL’s allows a CEO to keep a closer watch on the employee’s of the corp and add restrictions or even remove a ACL from a member if need be by a simple profile change on that person. I believe share’s are still a viable thing in Eve and I feel that they can and will be a major part of a corporations method of paying out members of the corp by affixing shares to an ACL in a quantity or allowing a corp to sell shares to other corporations thus making it possible to pay out another corp in the alliance or many corps from a holding corp for all the hard work each corp puts into the alliance. Setting aside shares though for a moment.

I really feel that CCP went in the right direction with Profiles and ACL’s for structures now I feel that they only need to change modify or rebuild corp management with this same structure to improve corps as a whole. A single ACL and profile list would greatly fix many of the issues with corp management as stated in the other closed thread listed above. I would even be willing to sit down with CCP and the Dev’s to discuss this in greater detail if need be as I have run a corporation for nearly 11 years now and I have always been frustrated with title management and hangar management more so than wallet management. That being said wallet management is very frustrating as well. I feel the skills to become a CEO should be enforced AKA if your going to run a corp you have to have those skills to make the corp manage the corp not extract them once you set the corp, a check’s and balance system should be applied at each downtime to ensure that a CEO has the skills to run the corp and same likewise for an alliance leader. The size of the corp’s member should not matter only that the head of the office has the skills.

I also feel that if you want to elect someone as a director they have to have the skills to be a director, potential for new skills or simply the director want to be must have the skills trained to take over a corp if the CEO disappears hence this would slim down those corps which were just tossed together at the bidding of someone asking a friend to make the corp for them and walk away. Security officers in the corp as well as department heads could have a specific skill book trained under their belt to head up R&D or Manufacturing management, likewise your Fleet commander skills would apply in the military branch of the corp.

I know this seems like a huge number of changes but many of these skills exist now and the ACL’s exist now profiles take over titles and ACL’s become roles essentially better corp management and corp skills are still relevant for corp management. We will also see a decline in newbie 1 day old corps with no skill levels to support the corp. We will also see a huge loss of corp’s who do not have CEO’s with the skill levels to maintain the corp. it would also thin out the massive alliances a little and make alliance leaderships train to maintain that alliance instead of just handing it around like it is a piece of candy.

I thank you for your time and I do hope this is accepted and look at more closely as it has been a hot topic for many years now with a lot of the CEO’s in Eve.

Sinn Adraelia

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