Giving characters access to corp wallet/hangars


I am trying to give 3 characters access to a corp wallet and hangar, so they can use that to pay for science stuff. The hangar access is working fine but I am at wit’s end regarding the wallet access.

I have given all characters accountant and access to the division in question but the option to select corp wallet to pay for industry jobs does not show up in the industry window… Any help with this please before I just make them all directors…

They will most likely need following roles to submit jobs on corporation behalf:

  • Rent Factory Facility
  • Rent Research Facility

Before giving roles create alt and test settings on him.

Full list of roles is here:

I will have a look. I think I set up those roles but I am not sure. They’re all my chars, so no worries there. I could just give them director and save myself the hassle but I figured I will try it out anyways.

Old bug feature.

The character must select a corp wallet division by opening their wallet, going to the Corporation Wallet tab, and selecting Change Active Division button at the top.

EDIT: Never assign individual roles. That way leads to errors, and is hard to maintain. Instead, create title(s) with roles and assign multiple titles as necessary. Example title: ‘Industrialist’.

You should have a no-role title of ‘Diplomat’ and assign that chars you want contacted for corp affairs, and publish the diplos in the corp info. If there are no diplos, usually the CEO is contacted.

Avoid granting the role of director. Instead create a title of ‘Director’, and assign all roles EXCEPT director. These ‘virtual directors’ cannot declare wars, nor execute any actionable votes that have succeeded (like lockdown, or un-lockdown), but they can do everything else.

Also see:

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Thanks, I never considered doing it this way… now it is working! Thanks for your help everyone

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