Help: sharing blueprint and corp minerals for corp production


Our corp would like to developp industry projects. Corp members should be able to use the corp bluprints, use the corp minerals and the tax should be payed directly by a corp wallet.

We also would like that only the directors or chief of production would be able to move the blueprints, minerals and final products.

I was able to store the blueprint in a corp hangar and the minerals in another corp hangar. I was able to setup so the members could use the blueprint (but not move them). They can’t see the minerals in the second hangar (and then cannot move them) but they are able to tell the job to pick the minerals in this hangar.
So this is working as planned.

The problem is the wallet. I need to give our members access to a production wallet if I want the corp to pay the production taxes. The members are then able to select this production wallet to launch their jobs. this is fine but the problem is that members are also able to “Take isk” or “give isk” from this wallet. And this bother me….

Is there an option to give access to this wallet only to launch their jobs and then pay the tax but prevent them from taking isk from this wallet?

thanks for your help

Trust and cooperation in a game notorious for scamming and betrayal! If you want the corporation to pay the job cost, you will need to trust your membership. With multiple wallet divisions you can limit the damage and you have logs to identify (and kick) offenders. That’s as good as it gets.

You don’t need to give acess to your bps to make members use them, y need to put them in hangar, (not in protected containers) also the materials . go to your members role management, and give them acess to rent factory, so if someone want to build stuff to Corp, will filter bps in the industry overview “owned by corp”, then when selected a bp the builder must select the input materials the hangar y have the mats stored( again they don’t need to have direct acess to then) . The output location y can make them have drop items only, and put one container named with each builders name, so y know who produced what and how much( then y can reward the builder any way you want. This way your assets are safe, your bps are safe, and y can keep track of each one’s production accordingly. If have any questions, feel free to send me in-game mail, or add me.

Also, i don’t think it’s possible, but you can make them use their own wallet(production tax is not very much) So y can pay some isk for every manufacturer per week to cover that expense. ( it won’t be too much, I think 2-5 mill should cover that depending on what y guys manufacture.

In fact dude, I’m very interested in joining your corp, with one of my toons, depending on it’s member count and location

Thanks for the help. I’m away till friday and won’t be able to play much this week-end. I will that early next week and will contact you in game if I need more help.

About joining our corp, it could be possible but as you may have realized it with my English, I’m french and our corp is made of french speaking people. Might not be easy for you to integrate if you are not speaking french despite the fact that we have a few members with limited English skills.

Oh that would be really hard to me indeed, so if you need any questions just send mail

Can you limit access for a Corp member to only use blueprints from one hanger? When giving them factory manager it seemed to allow them to use all bps regardless of what hanger they had access to

you could try to limit their hangar access and see if that works. but i think with the factory manager, regardless if they have hangar access or not, they can access the bps


I cannot make it works if I only give “rent factory” to a member. I need to give him “Factory manager”. Without the factory manager title, the member cannot acces the BPC. Says he doesn’t have the rights to access them

Oh my bad you are right. It’s factory manager… if you want a better comms, send in-game mail, as I can reply on mobile, or i can inv you to a discord channel

That should work I must add

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