Transaction client name!

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I don’t know when this change actually came, but it’s a long time ago.
Remember when you had a corp sales order and when it was executed, you could read seller as your corp?
It’s personal now even if the ISK goes into corp wallet.

This would be more accurate compared to how and who are supplying/trading.
I talk from a null sec perspective, but it will also comply in HS/Low.
My corporation supply most of our part in the region we live. Meaning It would be awesome as a brand for others to see who actually put all the stuff on the market. They can’t know today whether it’s me personal or my corporation who earns on the transaction. If a corporation sells an item it should also be seen in the transaction.
It’s not just trueness for facts. It’s for trust, and the unity of the corp. Members “down the line” can see these guys really does alot for corp. Not just for them selves. Same will go in High sec, but It’s several more market actors so harder to tell.

Why was this changed and how hard can it be to change it back?

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