Created ticket to move character via plex 22 hours ago

8 hours ago gm’s decided they’re no longer going to move character for plex, so now, 22 hours in, i find out that apparently i’ve participated in Bazaar character scams, as I am not able to move the character that was bought. Amazing.
Now I’m in jeopardy of losing all of my accounts because of this sudden change.

they should revert all transfers

They should honor requests made prior to their change and notification of change. Or at least repay the isk that was given in good faith for the transfer being made, since both parties acted in good faith.
As of now, I’ll be responsible for a significant amount of isk that has mostly been spent, or find a way to pay the fee when i’m between paychecks.
They didn’t handle this rule change responsibly.

Looks like they try to kill their own game. Maybe they make bets which change finaly kill it.
Also I wonder where is the point to put own money on CCP table during to many big changes which was made in last time.

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I am hesitant to invest anymore of my money into this game while my tickets are pending, for sure.

Just add a reply to your open transfer ticket that you’ll like the deal to be reversed (provide the needed info), if you can’t or won’t transfer with CC. And if you do use CC, just simply reply that you’ll be doing that instead, as PLEX isn’t an option anymore.

The decision to not do PLEX-transfers was put into effect Monday, 24th of February, 2020. It was by ISD request that an official post would be for the best.

So why didnt anybody tell us on Monday, 24th of February, 2020?
Why coudlnt anybody tell us like a week before?

And why is it not possible to show some goodwill, to not screw players mid transfer?

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I would say; better late than never, aggree? Officially PLEX transfers haven’t been possible for years; unofficially you could up untill start of this week, but at a very delayed time frame in comparison.

I would completely disagree. I made a character sale without knowing about your rule change, and am now in a position where I can’t pay for it on cc, or by giving the isk back.
You put me in that position by not communicating the rule change. Now I’m at risk of losing all my accounts, as it will be considered a scam. Again, you put me into that position. I made the deal in good faith, and you pulled the rug out Midway through.
When I lose my accounts, you will gain an extremely pissed hater towards your company.
I’ve put more than $2000usd into this game, only to probably lose it due to an arbitrary change in a rule.
The absolute least you could freaking do is honor the requests made prior to the announcement.


I mean you didnt say anything, why CCP cant show some goodwill and why it even had to be late.

Could you atleast pin the message about the policy change, so people actually get a chance to see it?

First of all; ISD are volunteers (players just like you), not employees of CCP.

I highly doubt this to be the case.

Yes and nothing wrong with that; now I also explained what your option are going forward, in one of my earlier posts.

That post is pinned. And for good measure here is the section 3 of EULA:


You are not permitted to transfer your Account to another person. If you wish to discontinue your Account please refer to section 6. of this EULA. You may transfer a character from your Account to another account, either belonging to you or another person. This transfer option is available from the EVE Online Account Management web site and is subject to fees and the following limitations: You may not offer to transfer characters except your own, or act as a “broker” or intermediary (for compensation or otherwise) for anyone wishing to transfer or obtain characters. The transferee will obtain all rights to your character in a single transaction, and you will retain absolutely no control or rights over the characters, items or attributes of that character. You may not transfer any characters whose attributes are, in whole or in part, developed, or which own items, objects or currency obtained or acquired, in violation of the EULA.

Any character transfers or attempted transfers not in accordance with the foregoing terms is prohibited and void, and shall not be binding on CCP. A transfer or attempted transfer of a character is entirely at the risk of the parties to such transaction. CCP is not liable to any person (whether transferor, transferee or otherwise) for any acts, omissions, statements, representations, defaults or liabilities of the parties in connection with such a transaction.

Nowhere does is say anything about the option to use an in-game item (PLEX) to do this; nor has it for years, if it has at any point in time since 2003.

There used to be a feature on the account management page to do transfers using PLEX automatically, rather than having to submit a petition. So you are incorrect when you imply that there was no officially sanctioned way to transfer a character with PLEX since 2003. The removal of that feature occurred on May 30, 2017, in the 119.5 release. From May 30, 2017 until February 24, 2020, we were able to use the GM petition with 1000 PLEX workaround. Then, without any advance notice to the players whatsoever, CCP decided to change that “unofficial” policy, leaving many of us holding the bag on characters we purchased with the intent to sell later. As a brain farmer, I have 140 characters that I purchased with intent to sell at some point down the line. Now, I can’t do that without paying $2800 IRL dollars, versus $0 IRL dollars before CCP’s change. Had CCP given us some advance notice, i could have gotten rid of those characters beforehand. I understand I am a somewhat niche case but that doesnt make what CCP did okay.

Edit: Heres an official CCP post stating as much:

Players may transfer characters from their account to another account via the “Character Transfer” option on their Account Management pages. A single character transfer involves a transfer fee of either 2 PLEX or a credit card payment of 20 EUR/USD, 17 GBP or 1199 RUB. Character Transfers can only be made between active accounts, it is not possible to transfer a character from, or to, an inactive or Trial account.

That source was last updated mid august 2016.

I understand, my link was in response to your statement

Nowhere does is say anything about the option to use an in-game item (PLEX) to do this; nor has it for years, if it has at any point in time since 2003.

implying that there was no officially sanctioned way to use an in-game item (PLEX) to transfer a character since 2003.

Thx for pinning it. Dont know why the GM didnt pin it in the first place, but better late, then never i guess.

It WAS part of the Management tool and you (EDIT: CCP) promised to bring it back (

I also dont argue, that CCP isnt allowed to remove the feature I am saying that its a dickmove and there is no reason to do it with such bad communication.
I am also real sorry, that you got the unlucky job to defend these actions.

I didn’t promise anything; volunteers are not CCP!

Scroll down to the “Released on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017”, the very last point in the PLEX and Aurum section of the patch notes:

  • PLEX can no longer be used for Character transfer fee payments

All transfer that have been performed after that day have been at the good will of CCP.

[2017-05-05] CCP Falcon’s reply to the question if it would be brought back: “The plan is to look at this down the future and potentially reintroduce paying for this with PLEX, but at this stage we’re not committed to a timeline on when this will happen.” - source

Recent action would suggest it’s not going to happen, sadly.


so i have to throw CC to actually move main to another account… thats shame.

Imagine… You run a service where you transfer characters from one account to another, and you maybe get $5 bucks to do it, while your employer gets $15. But If someone asks you to transfer from one of their accounts to another account, without paying… Well now they don’t get paid, but the company takes $15 out of their pocket for them doing the transfer. So now, instead of making $5, they lose $15.

now, i doubt thats how that actually works with them transferring, But it is taking time out of their day to do that. I’m not a computer programmer or anything like that, so idk the logistics behind how hard it is to actually move a character from one account to another.

recent action was a shitty move on ccp’s part. they don’t have enough respect to us to even let us know the changes are going to happen. I pay enough money into this game, yet i get snippy ■■■■■■■ answers from gm’s and an isd that doesn’t even have a say in how it works or was implemented. You want to come on here defending their dick move, then don’t get pissed when you get anger directed at you.

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