Created ticket to move character via plex 22 hours ago

someone really pissed in your cheerios tonight.

It was announced 3 years ago no more PLEX Transfer.

From the good of their hearts, the GM’s would do some manual transfers via PLEX

some update in coding or whatever is probably preventing that from happening for the forseeable future.


They said no more transfer for now via the interface, because our PLEX update broke it, we will iterate on it.
And its not only about the change in gerneral, but changing a policy without communicating it. Its also not the first time, that CCP shows, that they refuse to communicate with the customers, which is a great reason for customers to be pissed.

Where and in which Policy have PLEX ever been mentioned? It hasn’t for as far back as I can remember; not that anyone really takes their time to actually read them before accepting. The communication for the removal of the option to use PLEX for Character Transfers were adequately communicated 3 years ago, as already mentioned. Since that time, yes GM’s have continued to perform such transfers but not because they had to, that is up until a few weeks ago.

Now could you please just accept it and get on with it. The decision have been made and the discussion is pointless.

All policies can be found here.

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So why didnt you communicat exactly this change of policy? Is there anything stopping CCP to give us a short “Hey, we still did that, but we cant anymore. All current tickets will be resolved, new tickets will be denied.”?
Because thats all what i was asking for. A basic statement.

EDIT, since locked:

A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.
So how GMs handeld the Transfer was also a policy, even if you cant find it under your link.

I am aware, that you, as a person, cant change this decision. But im pretty sure, that you are able to communicate, that some customers are not happy with the way CCP handels such things.
You may be a volunteer, but you are still defending the way acts, so i think its fair to use “you” while meaning the company, that you are representing.

Its also not about this single instance of bad communication, but that CCP in general has a really bad communication over the last few years. So i think its important to complain, to show, that atleast i am not happy with the way they handle this and hope, that they adjust and act in a more open way in the future.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. Again I, as ISD, am not an employee of CCP :grey_exclamation:




  1. a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
    “a call for volunteers to act as foster-parents”

  2. a person who works for an organization without being paid.
    “the railway is operated solely by volunteers”


  1. freely offer to do something.
    “140 employees volunteered for redundancy”

  2. work for an organization without being paid.
    “volunteering is an easy way to get involved in practical conservation”

On that note, I’m closing this thread as continuing the discussion, in this thread, about the decision to not do PLEX transfers is off-topic.