Also, why is it not possible to announce such a change, before you change it?
Why do start refusing tickets first and THEN post a statement? like days later?
Is there any reason to not give us a few days to adapt?
Why does this company refuse to communicate with its customers?


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I have no idea what you are talking about nor do I have any information that may have any relevant bearing on the topic.

However, you sound angry about it so this intrigues me. Let me ask a couple of questions:

Are you a scrub?
Is this about your privilege?
Are you a ranting child?

Are you mad bruh? Bruh? Bruh - why you mad? WHY YOU SO MAD BRUH?!!!?!??!


Ok, so back in the day, you could transfer characters with PLEX.
When CCP introduced the nuPLEX ( 1 old PLEX = 500 new PLEX) they ■■■■■■ up and forgot to add this option again. They promised, back in 2017, that it will be back ("PLEX can no longer be used for Character transfer fee payments" - EVE General Discussion - EVE Online Forums).
The new formal process was, that you store 1000 PLEX with the character, that you are selling and send a support ticket, so they can do it manually, because they removed the automatic option.

Removing this essential feature of the Character Bazaar is already a dickmove. It was always core of Eve, that you could get all premium features with PLEX, now you need to pay the transfer with a Credit Card.
Now lets talk about the real dickmove. They changed this policy without telling anybody. You can check this nice Thread, where one of many players got screwed:

He sold his character by the rules, send the ticket like always and then they tell him he cant do that anymore. The first way to hear about this change is a reddit post:

So the players that where mid transfer are now ■■■■■■. They spend the ISK and cant exchange the character, because nobody thought its important to tell us about the rule change. They gave us the update AFTER the reddit shitstorm:

So why is it impossible for this company to tell us about such a change, BEFORE they change it?
Why is it impossible to show godwill for the people that are mid-transfer? Why does CCP ■■■■ them over like that?

So yes, i am mad, and so should the rest of the community.


My guess. a) Support was kept busy with all the manual requests, so they scrapped that (inofficial anyway) service, and b) the monetizing department decided to have this a cash only service.

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No, not really.

So why didnt they tell us “Hey, we could a ton of tickets, cause DDOS. No PLEX transfer right now, till we finished the backstall.”
It also didnt explain how they changed this rule on the 24th, but didnt post a statement till the 26th.
It also doesnt explain the lack of goodwill, to not screw players that started the trade before they anounced that.

i am also mad about this, not because i used the service, not because i plan to use it.
just for the point i hate liars and i hate to see how the communication with the customer turns even more bad.
for god such changes you have to annouce it first and may explain it.

aomething maybe like: because we want to stop annonymus char transfers we decided… but if this would be the csse you should also stop using paysafe for example or annonymus creditcards

if its just for the point to safe some money for dev time well…
its at max a few days of coding to implement the feature back and also without human interaction.

its now years ago it was promised and adds up ta a bad reputation, where is the proper modul tiericide with changes to droprates and stats to ded and officer modules? where are the faction missile guidance systems, where are player fob, why are POS still in the game, where are advertising structures, where is a replacement for the evelopedia (we know CCP have a internal Wiki), where is a finished NPE, where are the tutorial vids igame gone, where are reworkedcarreer agent missions, remote talking zo agents, agents on structures?, not to mention Dust on PC / Project Nova something something.

its just a shame to see all this

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Shitty move by CCP , but then what do we expect with the current crop - everyone half way decent left many years ago. Now it’s all about £cash$ flow (there is too much PLEX in the system, which nullifies the ‘PLEX costs more than the credit card’ option argument)

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I’d say it’s because there are fairly nice people working at CCP and even managing it. Unfortunately being a nice or decent person has nothing whatsoever to do with being competent at your job.

It’s 100% clear that CCP has been flying by the seat of their pants since about 2008. They assume they know what needs to be done and they’re arrogant enough to dismiss anybody and any evidence that tells them different.

They have never implemented corporate review policies for dealing with problems in a way that prevents similar problems from happening in the future. They never accept responsibility for screwing over their player base and so they feel no obligation to putting procedures in place to ensure they check their actions for negative effects before they implement them. They have a bunch of committed players who can’t get their fix anywhere else and keep subbing no matter what CCP does, so they can screw up time and again and still collect their paycheques. They’re insulated from the consequences of their actions because the sheer corporate incompetence stems from the top down.

Everybody gets a pass for “causing harm to player relations” because management themselves doesn’t really care. Hilmar’s made his money and now he’s just going through the motions because really, who else is going to pay him to do anything at all?

The general CCP reaction to any problems, errors or screwups seems to be “Whups! Wow, we didn’t expect that to happen. Too bad huh? Well it’s done now, not worth the time to fix it. Plus if we do fix it that’ll be like admitting we were wrong - bad for the corporate image. Let’s just get to work on the next screwup’feature’, they’ll forget about this eventually.”

Thus, the problem is caused by CCP being incompetent, arrogant, and non-responsible for the consequences of their actions. And the fact that anyone who could or would do anything about it is too ‘nice’ to tell anyone “You’re not doing your job. This type of result is unacceptable. Deliver better results next time and prevent this from happening again, or we’ll fire you and find someone who will.”


Also bring back CQ and EVE Gate. Thanks.

Manwhile at CCP:

Because Pearl Abyss wants more money.

Because Pearl Abyss wants more money.

Because Pearl Abyss wants more money.

They can’t afford a community team because Pearl Abyss wants more money.


Before PA the game had investors who wanted money, nothing rally changed in that regard. At the very least it’s now owned by a group who actually has an interest in games in general and pvp sandboxes in particular.

Yeah I’m just poking fun. You have to admit the community team being tossed out the window has caused some real communication issues.

Heck if PA hadn’t bought CCP I’d probably have said “Because CCP thinks throwing money at other untested ideas the market has no interest in is better than investing in Eve.” to all questions :smiley:

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Get a job, pleb.

Of course, the other point is people selling up and running down accounts so they can PLEX fewer for much longer (think bitter vet) - changing this means CCP gets more $£ rather than simple shifts of PLEX

You’re not entirely wrong, ccp could and could have in past done much better on many things but don’t let it make you so upset, friend.

Can I have your character? I’ll whip out the creditcard and promise to give it a good home. If you also feel so generous as to give me your stuff I would most gratefully accept that as well. tyia

Ok, so let me see if I have this right. Something that you were told was only “unofficial” and was changed to CCs quite some time ago has finally come to an end and, despite being given all the relevant info and a couple of not only detailed but polite responses in the other subforum, you decided that wasn’t enough for you to rage about - on behalf of someone else! what is it with you fkn people!??! - so now you came here?

How about you grow up, fk off and have a long fkn talk with yourself about yourself.



I could, but that would be RMT. (You paying real money to gain something ingame)

No, CCP axed it, because they wherent able to program it, then said dont worry, it will be back.
Then they shut it off, but didnt tell anybody until 2 days later.

Now we have useres that did start an transfer without knowing about the new rule, spending the ISK they earned and now the support refuses to finish the transfer.
The policy change is annoying. The fact that CCP (again) refuses to communitcate it even a little bit drives me mad.