Oh, no…I would only be paying ccp via CC for the character transfer, you would only be getting my heartfelt gratitude - no RMT involved.

PLEX was the only level playing field.

Not all of us live somewhere that spending $20 to transfer a character feels like money well spent. In my country, the exchange rate turns that into about $30.

It doesnt matter, its RMT by the rules. Claiming you only gave me some money, but not for the account doesnt count. The seller has to pay for it himself.
And if i would ever be able to quit this game, i would just share my accounts with the people, that i played with and not pay more money to transfer them to somebody random.
Sadly im still not quitting :-/

Ah. Well…can’t blame a girl for trying. o7

Considering the “new rule” is something like 2 years old they deserve the loss for their own stupidity. End of story.

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In my country it works out to be £15.52. What is your point? Oh yeah, you don’t have one. Either you pay it or you don’t - no debate, no negotiation. It is simply “do it or do not”.

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It does say in that linked post that they would “potentially reintroduce it”. They didn’t promise anything beyond considering it.

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Buy injecters like CCP wants u to do. Duh. Keep the cog moving or leave. Duh.

What does a Big Mac cost?

Which has nothing to do with it. If you feel you’re not rich enough to pay for gaming stuff that’s not exactly necessary then don’t. Or get a better paying job or stop wasting time on games so you can make more income.

No one owes you anything just because you feel sorry for yourself.


Will that be the prevailing opinion should the situation invert?

Character transfer should be something you can do via the new eden store.

I don’t mind if the cost is 500 PLEX, 1000 or whatever, at least it would be equal for everyone.

Says who, you?

I have zero problems with char transfers costing RL cash, it’s a good way to lower the chance of abuse, RMT and whatnot. It’s also not exactly an important main part of the game.

So both our opinions cancel eachother it seems. The thing is that neither of our opinions matter, CCP says “we’re only doing this for RL cash now for :reasons:” then so be it. The fact that I can see the logic in that is fairly meaningless just as much as your opinion on it is fairly meaningless.

I honestly do not know. I would assume they cost something like £4 or maybe a bit more but I couldn’t say for certain.

Also, I am not entirely sure what that has to do with this. Transferring chars does not work using take-away food so I am at a loss here, sorry.

Given that I waste isk in ways that isn’t normal, by creating new chars and dumping 20-40 mil SP on them to yank it out again a few months later, like on this character. AND the fact that I biomassed several 40+ mil sp characters (before skill extractors) because I couldn’t bear selling them and seeing others fck them up.

Yes, yes I will. I have zero problems with that.

I play the game because I still enjoy it in spite of CCP making my preferred play style more difficult year after year. Also I don’t need mom’s credit card, I’ve worked hard all my life so I have my own, thanks.

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I have my own mom too.

She’s my CEO, as it happens


Not really. Why do you think it should? That is not how a free market works.

It is sad how idiots who make stupid arguments online are blind to the fact that sometimes people who live in rich countries - brace yourself cos this may come as something of a shock to you - are not rich themselves. Seems impossible that could be true right? It sounds as stupid as saying that countries with a population that is deemed to live in poverty have rich people living in them! It’s just bizarre!
Having said that, I’m not going to pretend I’m on the verge of living in a cardboard box as I am not.

It just boggles the mind that you would take what I said about “either do it or do not do it” and bring in food I do not eat, before then trying to make some sort of weird point about how burgers should be the standard example of how exchange rates should work; before then continuing on to attempt to play some sort of “victim of poverty” card. I honestly do not understand where you are going with this.

Also, it seems strange to me that you would try this as, in order to be able to have sufficient PLEX to buy & transfer chars, you would need to be making the sort of isk only players with multiple Omega accounts can achieve. Why not unsub one of your multi-box fleet of chars and instead use that money to buy even more chars despite your assertion that you have no money. Better yet - shouldn’t you be unsubbing all of your chars, cancelling your internet, selling your PC and using the money from that sale as well as the money saved on internet fees & subscriptions to improve your real life?


look at the date
[2017-05-05] CCP Falcon ’s reply to the question if it would be brought back: “The plan is to look at this down the future and potentially reintroduce paying for this with PLEX, but at this stage we’re not committed to a timeline on when this will happen.”

they didn’t promise to bring it back /thread

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You should play a different game and just ■■■■ off from my EvE.



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Because there’s jerks like yourself who would swamp them with transfer requests.

There is literally nothing to adapt. There is no alternative course of action to take during the “transition phase” as you would probably wrongly call it. Your “adaption” would be swamping them with character transfer requests.

You are quite the asshat.

Fixed that for you. You are a gullible asshat.

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