Multiple contracts @ once

i don’t know if this has been discussed before but would it be possible to add the ability to select multiple eg dreads or whatever & contract them separately with the same description .

e.g. select 50 revs contract them for price A each & description A


That’s usually just putting them up for sale rather than 50 contracts…

You can’t sell 50 fitted Revs on the market. :roll_eyes:

You can sell 50 revs and their fittings on the market at once…

Yes, this is a great way to do this. It’s not like the market is clunky to use even with multi buy. Good idea, also, to make all the stuff vulnerable to enemy tinkering if you have to use an NPC station. Your idea is so much better than a properly working contract system. :+1:

Well if you want ships ONLY for your corp which they pay for perhaps you could make… ya know… in corp contracts? Granted this assumes the enemy doesn’t put a spi into your ranks which makes them vulnerable too…

It’s not about the type of contracts. The OP wants to setup multiple contracts at once, which is an entirely reasonable demand considering that CCP favors big blobs over small entities anyway nowadays.

This doesn’t change the fact that there are limits on how many contracts you can make…

And it’s counterpart right below it.

Which mass contract creation can put out too many you can actually create easily…

This is not the point at all of this discussion. :thinking:

This would be handy for giving out fitted ships and ore contracts for corpies.

It applies though. A single character making 50 contracts public can’t happen without being set as corporation contracts. In game corporation contracts don’t really need text if it’s set that only members of the corporation can see/accept them.

Now say we add in just 10 contract creation for people. Enemy force warps into range to shoot your station. Start the spam cycle of 10 contract creations and accepting all contracts with 10 alts in the station resulting in massive lag being added to the space.

The number 50 was in all likelyhood a random figure… Changing the maximum possible number of contracts for a character was never the point of the discussion.

CCP does not give a flying waste about lag. Not only have they introduced structures to the game that necessitate huge numbers to keep and destroy them, which results in tidi wherever you go; they also favor huge groups over smaller groups, which also is the prime recipe for laggy tidi experiences.

That aside, if people do what you described, you can petition them and they get a temp ban for deliberately causing lag. Personally, I would like to do as many people as possible to do that so that a couple of the morons are gone from EVE for a while.

You have gone from functionality that doesn’t really need to exist to abusers of said non-existing functionality being banned for using it. Congrats?

In my view and 2 other people’s views this functionality should exist and would be greatly welcomed.

No, I have a functionality that allows me to be more efficient. That people can abuse it is nothing new. Ejecting massive numbers of ships is already possible to cause lag and tidi, it’s already declared an exploitable abuse, treated accordingly by CCP and yet it’s still in game (and serves no practical purpose other than causing lag). This mass contract feature has a lot more practical functionality than mass ejecting ships.

i choose 50 as that is the most you can do for corp, i was also hoping to do it for public @ the 17 number making 17 or 50 or whatever number be it public corp or alliance would be so much easier that doing 1 contract @ a time

or again just use a market…
hell we moved to that months ago. private markets multi fit and multi buy are way easier than dealing with contracts.

unless you also want to make public contracts

i’m sorry how does that make what i said more difficult?

You’re making a mountain out of a total non-issue. Right now, with multi-fit, you have two restrictions, number of ships available to fit up, and the number of complete fits (minus said ship) available. The exact same logic can be applied to “multi-contracts.” You would be limited by the number of duplicates you’re putting on contract, and/or the number of contracts you CAN put up, based on the options you selected when setting up the contract.

When current game mechanics make themselves a wall to the suggestion it is important to bring it up.

I am not disagreeing nor agreeing to the suggestion. Merely bringing the meat and potato side of information. And if you had read it the maximum amount of corp contracts can be 500 public, 21 player, and 60 concurrent corp/alliance contracts by a single player.

Thus it matters regardless of if you think it doesn’t.