Multiple contracts @ once

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In the end, that matters very little. When discussing merits of the idea itself, they’re a non-issue when there’s a resolving precedence available to deal with them.

And, again, the maximum amount of contracts isnt that important when, to reiterate what I said,

You would be limited by the number of duplicates you’re putting on contract, and/or the number of contracts you CAN put up, based on the options you selected when setting up the contract.

So if you’re making public personal contracts, you’re already limited in the amount you can make. Public corporate contracts? Same thing. Private corporation contracts? Same thing. But god help you if you’re really making 200+ duplicate contracts, that’s ■■■■■■■ crazy. So unless you’ve got say, 200 fully fit doctrine ceptors to post on contracts, the main limits you’ll be coming across is the amount of duplicate “sets” you have on hand.

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