SKINS - Can you delete them from your character sheet?

So I’m not a fan of the whole SKINS thing, I’m an old school play zoomed out kinda gal. Please note I have nothing against CCP making and selling as many of these as they like and if you enjoy them thats great, but they just are not my thing.

However now we have “Soulbound” items in Eve :roll_eyes: these things are cluttering up my character sheet, is there anyway I can just delete them?

@CCP_karkur maybe this could be a “little thing” ?

Why would you not just use the little things thread instead of making a new one?

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Volatile skills will disappear on their own so it’s not worth deleting them. (If you don’t redeem them then they won’t apply to begin with)

Here is the official “Little Things / Small QoL” Suggestions thread you can post your idea on so you can delete this topic:

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