[Preposal] Some idea's for in game tools

I often try to help out new players with fit’s in the Rookie Help channel and get frustrated by not being able to add Mobile Tractor Unit’s Or Mobile Depot’s in the fit in the cargo bay, I would love this option to be implemented

I would also like some sort of in game timer or stop watched to be added under the Accessories tab

Last suggestion would be to add an option to save the watch list, if someone disconnects it’s a pain to re add like 15 people to the watch list.

Thanks for your time


MTU isn’t technically apart of a ship, or attached to a ship. They are essentially cargo containers. I believe thats why it’s not apart of the actual ship fitting. Unlike ammo, launchers etc.

But it is already implemented. Drag-drop the MTU over the “Cargo hold” you’ve highlighted in your picture and it gets added to it in the fitting simulator.

It’s not saved as a part of the fit though. I tried it myself. He’s not the first person to bring this up.

Arh, haven’t tried saving it through the simulator.

I do know, that if you make the actual fit and save it. It does save what is in the cargohold.

Maybe throw this into Ideas & Features thread? Especially CCP Karkur’s thread? She does implement quite a number of UI improvements.

It does save it, but the Mtu and mobile depot are expelled from the fit, and I think it’s because they are containers. Hadn’t tested that with other containers.

Ok makes sense. Maybe something code-wise, since you mention containers.

I’d still throw it into Karkur’s thread, if it’s not there already.

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