Adding Items to the cargo from outside the fitting window

This is something that has caused me a bit of trouble the past few weeks. I am unable to save an item to a ship’s cargohold that is not from the fitting window. For example, if I want to add an MTU to the cargo of a ship I have to open up the info tab for the MTU and drag it into the cargo from there, however it does not get saved to the fitting. While some would state that I should not need to add things from outside the fitting window, I disagree. I believe that I should be able to make a fit and anything that is in the cargo, whether it’s from the fitting window or not, is saved to the fitting of the ship. Thoughts?

I just tried this. well not in the way you described. But I never saved the fitting for the corax, and so i did. When I did I had the MTU, 2 sets of missiles and a web all in my cargo hold.

everything saved, except the MTU. Since the MTU is not a module, but a deployable, It therefore cannot be saved in a ship fitting. but if it can be physically put on or in the ship like missles or a scram, or prop mod, then it’s saved in the ship fitting… I would assume a mob depot would be treated like the MTU and not be saved as a fitting.

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right, outside items aren’t saved to the fit, which I think should be changed

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