Fittings for Containers or Modules in the Cargo of the Ship

I do some selling of ships using contracts and some of our doctrines require a few extra mods in the cargo. With multifit available it would save me, and others doing the same thing, alot of time if you could put mods in the cargohold of the ships through the fitting itself.

I half remember someone telling me like 3 years ago that, since fittings are running on legacy code, you can’t put mods in the cargo using that.

My suggestion is to make container fittings so you can multifit containers with the same mods in them.

My current way of working around this involves about 30 clicks per container on some doctrines. So I do more clicks to get one set of mods set up than 100 ships which feels a bit off.

Also, doing multifit from corp hangars would be great but there are alot of threads about that allready.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure multifit will put cargo stuff in too… otherwise stuff like ammo reloads wouldn’t fit.

Just make sure your saved fitting has the modules in the cargo first.

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