Multifit and Fitting from Containers in Station/Cit

It would be so much more useful and efficient to enable multifit and general ship fitting features to incorporate containers in station. Especially the SAME station you are trying to fit from.

Am I the only one with tons of ships, ammo, mods, rigs, abyssal, faction, etc all sorted into Station Containers?

Isn’t it completely tedious to hand search through each container just to slap it on a ship hull you have sitting around from the last Tiericide?


Completely agree!

Same here. I waste so much ISK because every time I buy a new ship I multibuy all modules again because the game is unable to use the modules I have in my containers. Of course I could manually search through my containers to see if I already have the modules, but then I waste a lot of time instead of a lot of ISK.

Please let us multifit from containers!

Doesn’t the search function filter the containers as well?

Search function maybe, but not when I’m using the ‘fit ship’ function.

I’ve never managed to get the fit ship to work right unless I buy all the mods, and I don’t like how it won’t filter through containers. Or at least fit what you can and search mods afterwards. It is a PITA

Fit ship works perfectly when buying from a well stocked market.

I’d like it to work from my modules container too.


additionally, i would like an option to multifit even if you are missing a component.
the funtion that allows you to see what your are missing could include an option to ignore . This would help near fits and minor fit changes . thanks

I asked about this when the multi-fit feature was released because i too sort by container.

Apparently it is not a straightforward code wise to ask the feature to search through various containers for the right modules.

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I do sort a lot into containers as well. This would be a nice qol feature.

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I found out today that this partially works.

If you have one container and you stuff all of your fittings and items related to fittings into it…

You can multi fit, and then select the fittings container in the drop-down box. It will then search for the proper items only in that container.

The only problem is it can only search one container so if you split your fittings into different containers for organization, this feature will not work.

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