Multifit suggestion

When trying to fit ships via the multifit spmetimes something is forgotten, like some ammo for example and you can see whatever it is by clicking on the … next to missing ships and/or equipment.

Can an option be added to ignore the missing items and fit with what you have anyway, often I have forgotten to get ammo or other charges and I have to manually add everything at that stage,

You can always just remove them from the fit and multi fit from that. You don’t need to go manually adding it to each one.

Unless you’re some kind of masochist

can you do that from the multi fit tool or do you have to do that within simulated fit? it isnt just ammo, that was just an example

You have to remove that thing from the fitting itself before you start Multi-Fitting. Multi-Fitting does not allow you to change the fitting during the fitting process like you can add/remove items from Multi-Buy.

hence my suggested change is still valid i think

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