"Buy later" list from multi-fitting tool

Imagine, that you use multifitting tool somewhere in PvP region with miserable trade hubs. You missing some modules. Eve offers you ‘buy now’ function but you can not buy what you need in Jita (for example) cause it is different region.

I suggest , that in case, that your multi fitting tool finds out, that you miss something, it will offer also new button : “Add to ‘buy later’ list”. So you can semi fit few different kind of ships, fly to better trade hub and use your “buy later” list to get all modules you need with one or two clicks.

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Or you could fly there, and buy now in the new trade hub…
We don’t need to overly automate things especially since game mechanics deliberately don’t let you know prices outside your region.

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You can also save your fittings as a plain text into ingame notepad. Then you can use this list within multibuy feature

But you can not save the open items in multibuy to clipboard or list. (the reverse)

I would very much like the option. So i just need to buy whats missing.
Would be much easier to get rid of all those spare parts i have from looting.
Less Jumping to do.

also please add a button: “items missing? fit anyway!” (for the time when you are ie just “1 x small republic fleet EMP” short")