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Hello, new pilot here!

I joined in on faction warfare today to get a feel on PvP, and as expected, was shot down.

My question is - how can I repurchase everything I’ve lost in a certain fitting? Do I just have to revisit all those stations to put the fit together piecemeal again? Is there a faster way for me to rebuy the whole fitting?

Thank you!

Buying from a trade hub will generally have all you need. One strategy is to buy several fittings at once and haul close to where you will be flying out of. You’ll be losing a lot of ships in FW.

With player owned structures being so popular, many are starting to stock markets closer to bigger FW areas. Perhaps if you see a close market stocked with several of the things you want, you can message the corp CEO and let him know what you’re hoping he’d stock and they may just bring it in if they know there will be buyers

First, save your fits. You can save 250. Baring that, you can go to and see your losses and grand the fit there too.

When in a hub simply load the fit, then click save as and there is an option to buy the entire fit. But you will have an easier time buying entire fits in one of the hubs. Buy in bulk.

Don’t try to buy fits piecemeal, you’ll go crazy, by in bulk and use the multi fit option to assemble

Don’t forgot you can ‘Copy to clipboard’ and ‘Import from clipboard’ too. I keep copies of all my viable fits offline, just in case… Also, you can modify the fit with a text editor and then re-import it - can save a lot of mouse work when trying, for instance, the DPS effect of a different gun-type on a multi-turret ship.

You can also just simulate the fit from the killmail while docked and just open the multibuy

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You can always try setting up buyorders in the station you base from. Pay good money and they’ll likely fill eventually. Otherwise use courier contracts to have your stuff moved there.

Thanks everyone. The issue that I’m having is that I can’t seem to find stations that actually has majority of the items in my multibuy in-stock.

Buy orders are something I thought about. I’m guessing I need a skill to have more than 5 buy orders at once?

There are a lot of skills for trading: to increase buy orders, increase ability to buy across your region, lower the sales tax. The bigger hubs should have all you need.

Man back in my day we had to look at the fit and buy each item. Often in a different station that was uphill and in the snow…both ways! None of this multi-buy or automatic fitting the ship from a saved fit. Christ we had to hand calc our resists for crying out loud.

Goddamn young whipper snappers.

/bitter vet sarcasm mode

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