Hi, all! Question about ship destroyed

There’s any chance to buy some of the ships that i lost ??
I look for them on the market but i dont see any

When docked there is a Corvette button that gives you a ship.

The markets in EVE Online are (almost) entirely stocked by players. If the market that you’re looking at doesn’t have the ship you want, chances are high that you just need to move closer to a more populated trade hub.

The biggest trade hub in the game is in Jita. Specifically, Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant. See about buying up your ships and modules there and then flying them out (or, if you can afford it, pay someone to take your stuff from the Jita station to wherever you need it).

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Make sure your Market ‘range’ settings are set to ‘Region’ so you see ships in your nearby area. (Use the cog-wheel icon at the top of the market item listing)

If there aren’t any nearby, head towards the nearest hub or secondary hub:
EVE Trade Hubs

You will often find decent prices on items a hop or two away from the hub, so you don’t always need to fly to the specific hub system itself.


Venture that was destroyed is lost forever. Buy new ship in Jita system. Move somewhere else to mine asteroids.


Thank you

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Use this 3rd party market site to find the best price on items without doing needless traveling:

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