How do you avoid the tedium?

One of the things I am finding to be tedious while learning the game is the time spent refitting ships after losing one. Its the time spent figuring out what to buy and then moving from system to system to pick up the various components that i find tedious. Any good shortcuts people use other than buying in bulk? For context, I’m still working through the tutorial and don’t yet have many ISK to spare.

Thanks in advance.

You can save your fits and then use those fits to buy everything you need one one go.

Also trade hubs are more likely to have everything you need in one station so Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie or Hek being the main ones


Another thing you can do is once you have a fit that is working for what you’re doing, have a couple of fits extra ready to go.

Your kill mail includes your ship fit. If you are in a trade hub you can hit “buy all” then “fit ship” and all you need to do is board the ship.


That’s why I station out of Hek 90% of the time

3 tips that can help you with this:

  1. Save your fit. This way you can easily rebuy from the saved fit. This goes well with the next one…

  2. Buy in trade hubs. They are usually a 1 stop shop for all your stuff, rather then fly all over a region collecting bits and bobs everywhere. The main ones are listed above in the thread.

  3. If you have a fit you like to use…buy in bulk to start with. If you know you might lose buy replacement beforehand, not afterwards.

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Really appreciate the great suggestions. Didn’t know about the fitting tool and one click shopping! Thanks

If you just bought the hull and all the fittings in a buy all order. Right click on the newly purchased hull(s) and select “multi-fit” to quickly fit all the ships with the specification you’ve just bought

Do logistics for a corporation. Buy All and Multi-fit are the two greatest recent quality of life improvements.
And the red dot is useful for telling you want was delivered if you need to haul it as well.

I don’t even know what we did before the multi-buy. I guess I remember, but I don’t want to… :laughing:

Pretty old reference, but perhaps useful to you:

If anyone has a better link, please share!

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