Winter Q&A Livestream - December 16

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Why, are you one of those math-averse people?

Just don’t be seen using them in nullsec. Our alliance policy is that if you come with that for any alliance ops like moons or stuff, that’s instant kick.

Perhaps the issue is that there’s one choice, and a lot of compromises of varied horribleness.

And dies to the first capital NPC spawn it meets, way before it got profitable compared to a Porpoise, making it definitely 100% certified useless, unless your goal is to lose a lot of ISK fast.

No, you can’t. Not even 400k EHP. And even if you could, that will only mean you die slower, because capital rats have a point. Some “expert analyst” you are…

There was one way to use Orca safely and effectively: inertia stabilizers plus mwd build with gtfo being the only reasonable defense option. This is no longer an option, thus there’s no more ways to use Orca, thus Orca is useless.
You can pretend to know a way all you want, we all know there’s none. CCP’s anti-midas touch has done its job, Orca is the past tense ship.

I know the definition of literally, and it fits. I have been building caps before the change. I have not been able to build a single one after. It’s simply no longer possible.
And if they want to make capitals to be worth their cost, the answer is to start with worth, then do the cost thing, not do the cost thing and then nothing for over a year, because that is clearly missing the “trying” part.

In current eve, this means “don’t fly anything bigger than a battlecruiser”. But since your comment is completely irrelevant to the question, I’m leaving it at that.

Thanks for confirming there is no content. Another fake event it is.

Marauders are currently useless af, as expected from CCP anti-midas touch. it’s not like ratting even exists thanks to DBM/ESS disaster, and the only ones that rat - bots - don’t use marauders.
Citadel spam stopped dead at about blackout, when CCP made everyone realize the time would not allow anything bigger than absolute minimum infrastructure. I still can’t forgive them for not even giving us time to remove all our citadels in advance, so we just had to keep most of it off, since there was no way to do anything in space, and could only remove 80% of our citadels when it ended.

Great way to fail. Won’t stop you.

People who come from some other cash grab game would probably love it.

Retention of whales is harmful to everyone else.

Unless they do. And PCU graph shows them suffering from great success.

First, you should look up how CCP manipulates PLEX market at will.

Botters absolutely love DBM and ESS. It made bots 100% outcompete the players. Now you either bot, or you plex, or you die, because the tremendous game-destroying stupid blunder that is ESS and DBM don’t leave any other choice.

Yeah, CCP has constantly increased costs of living in nullsec, and we kept losing people who fell off the cliff, so eventually all that could afford it was people with at least half dozen ISK making alts, and nobody else. Then CCP removed ratting by introducing DBM/ESS system that effectively curbed human ratting to zero, and skyrocketed botting into the only viable strat, and removed mining to ensure that players would not be able to keep up with bots by switching to mining either.

The more sense the player makes, the less you agree with him. Guess why.

Is there “BLOCK STUPID” button on this forum? Because I feel like the thread’s average IQ is getting rekt by your presence.
Anyway, since you’re apparently wrong on every answer, there’s no reason to reply to you anymore.


I think the need for the extra EHP is that the ships are now actually able to survive against NPC’s in low and null. The consequences for HS is something they did not really pay much attention to.



This is 500k EHP

[Orca, 500k EPH]
Damage Control II
Reinforced Bulkheads II

Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Large Transverse Bulkhead II
Large Transverse Bulkhead II
Large Transverse Bulkhead II

Fine, you can, with zero mobility and align time of a brick, and no mining augmentors to add…
However, that only means extra seconds of dying against capital NPC spawns.
You’d have to keep a dread with capital guns on field to have a chance at killing NPC dread before it kills Orca.

Throw it into the “little things” thread, and make sure to follow the template.

they simply said when they pay to play a game they only continue to play if they’re getting enjoyment out of it.

the inference with their analogy was likely pointing out how the more complex the game becomes and as it increases in becoming more systemic it loses that enjoyment factor, where by it would de-incentivise the person from continuing to pay for the game.

Highly useful fit. Can’t do anything other than have 500k ehp that will not prevent it from dying to capital NPC spawn.

This “solution” is almost as brilliant as CCP introducing feature “your ship has a x% chance to explode on undocking”. What fun and excitement that would bring to the proceedings…


Complexity in a game is a good thing, to a degree. What CCP is doing is not complexity but tedium. Those might look similar from far away but there is a good reason why we have two different words for it. Getting water for building caps is not complicated but it is tedious to the n:th degree. Industry was already tedious to begin with and now it’s at the level that you have to be truly insane to bother with it.

It might not be as bad if CCP had actually offered mechanics in game to work together and split up effort (no, market is not the solution, as the cost of that many transactions would increase the already ridiculous prices).

It is obvious to anyone who cares to think about it that CCPs goal here is to increase the number of alts people need in order to improve their income. Sadly, they are making a tiny mistake in their god like logic. Playing eve is not a necessity for survival. While Amazon and co can abuse people to no end due to some kind of income for food and shelter actually being a necessity, same kind of abuse by CCP results only in people leaving the game.


Question 1: As a veteran player playing eve for better part of two decades on and off, I find it is worthless and boring for me to play the game, and I can no longer afford a sub I am stuck free to play. And considering my current skills a better name for it is free to be nerfed because not only is my hard work taken, I can’t progress any longer. When will CCP divest eve of this two tier system which punishes veterans and new players for playing for free. And don’t get me started on Plex which is so overpriced no alpha clone can hope to buy it or if they somehow managed it, it was because of pure boring grind work rather than playing for fun. Because all the decent ships that might afford a reasonable isk per hour are locked behind skills alpha clones can’t even get.

Question 2: when you speak of diversified mining does this mean we’ll actually get more mining ships and larger hull mining ships than exhumers, that aren’t capital class?

Question 3: will there be a smaller upwell base structure for the various categories(cit, admin, industry, science) something that isn’t a mini deployable but not as big as a citadel etc.

Question 4: high sec upwell stargates when?

why should you stay (semi)isk positive?


Okay, I’m not an expert on NS rats, but according to the listed damage on cruckers, you can get 5+ minutes worth of buffer tank against a faction dread with just a T2 tank, no heat, no implants, and without creating any glaring resist holes. That should be more than enough time to turn off the industrial core (which has remote assistance impedance), and get reps to it. And that will definitely give you enough time to form a response fleet.

Of course, mileage will vary depending on scythe pilot skills, what size reps it has fit, orca resist profile and EHP, and the dread spawn DPS and damage profile, but it’s possible for an orca to permatank a dread spawn with just the reps from 2 cheap fit scythes (which can fit in your fleet hangar) -well assuming my numbers are right.

Anyway, I won’t be surprised if you get defensive, or think I’m being condescending. But I mean this in the least judgemental and most friendly way possible -I think your attitude is holding you back. You are so focused on the negative, and so problem oriented, that not only can you not see solutions, but you hand wave possible solutions away.

Let me put it this way, even after I said that I love my marauders, you still insisted that they were “useless AF.” Even after I said you can easily get 500k tank on an orca, you said nope. Even after someone showed you a fit, you said it didn’t matter.

Everything is broken, worthless, or impossible with you. And anyone who says otherwise is stupid or a dev alt.

I don’t think the problem is with the game. I think it’s with your attitude.

But, I think I’m going to go argue with some other people for a while. Later gator.


Will you guys please address the changes made the in surgical strike patch? (And buy that I mean removing everything you did) They are broadly hated and make nothing but kiting gameplay viable.

I don’t understand how you can release a patch called brawlers paradise and in that very patch destroy the viability of brawling gameplay.


use cloack… the indy core is practicly usless so just fit cloack and keep your distance from everybody. Boosts does not disable cloack

But, that has nothing to do with the first post i replied to.


No ‘analogy’. Not mentioning ‘complexity’, just ‘nerfs’ and ‘charging for access’ (which they’d still be doing if it wasn’t nerfs)…

You’re telling me that I’ve misunderstood the post, and then talk about how you infer that it is likely about things that aren’t even remotely related to the words in the post.

Come on man…all you need to do is read back the thread before knee jerking. That’s all i ask.

The LOWEST damage it deals is 1600 dps, that’s just 5 minutes for a brick, assuming you’re lucky and that’s the lightest spawn, and not a faction one, or a titan, that’ll just bloody erase 500k EHP. There would usually be an escort with it too, it never spawns alone.
Getting reps achieves nothing - it’s still tackled for over 5 minutes, letting everybody and his filamented dog get in on the kill.
Response fleet also achieves nothing, NPC dreads reps are subcap-proof.

Scythes are likely to get melted by dread’s 28800 alpha (minimum - not a faction dread, not a titan). Permatanking achieves nothing - you’re still permatackled. All dread damage profiles are 20-20-20-40 with 40 being its faction damage type, so it’s somewhat omni, you can’t just resist one type and be safe.
Your numbers only mean that you have never encountered NPC dreads.

Getting permatackled by the lowest spawn, and erased by the higher spawn, is not the solution - it’s the problem of condescending clueless types.

Because the only ones that rat, bots, do not use them.

I assumed useful builds, that have mining augmentors in rigs. I did not count useless bricks that will get erased by anything but the weakest of spawns anyway.

Not everything, Porpoise has avoided anti-midas touch of CCP. I mean, it was never good to begin with, but at least it ain’t Orca, which was made 100% useless NPC dread food, with no way into profitability compared to Porpoise. That is the definition of useless - when 2bil ship achieves less than 100mil one.

Anyone opposing the obvious is either defensive CCP fanboy, or just mathematically illiterate goblin.

And screw them both, screw you, and your stupid arguing for the sake of fanboying/illiteracy defense.


@CCP_Swift As the only person in CCP who seems to have some understanding of the game and care about what the players are saying, can you please go through this thread and answer some questions? Because we didn’t get much out of this Q&A (especially no critical questions…).


this is 100% not true


Stream ended and we got literally zero information. It’s even worse than marketing team bulshit. we get either “I can’t comment on that” or “It’s my pet project but my word has no value so expect nothing but my worthless, personal opinion”.

I mean, there are some hints and tips on again, how CCP minds and ideas are in different universe than EVE (whole discussion as how some systems can generate some encounters/situations). Or consensus from player base that DBS *ucked but CCP thinks it’s perfectly ok because 2-3 players hunt for banks.

No nerfs in 2022? Early april fools?

As first stream after biggest riot in gaming history I personally feel like my ass got *ucked again by CCP.

Sorry but “trust us. The magic plan works and EVE is healing”. Don’t work anymore. There is no more trust after constant lies and broken promises. Especially with PCU drooping yet again


Maybe grow out of playing with them?