EVE Ecosystem Stream 29 March Q&A

Hi everyone,

As announced in today’s dev blog we will be holding our next Ecosystem update livestream on Monday 29 March at 17:00 UTC on CCPTV.

For this stream we will be handling the Q&A portion by gathering questions from this thread. Please post your questions here about the things covered in the dev blog or the ongoing ecosystem work in general. Submitted questions must be in English.

We also invite people to “vote” for their favourite questions by using the the Like feature so that we can prioritise the questions with the most support and interest from the community.

Because this thread is only for solicting questions for the stream, any off-topic posts will be removed in the interest of keeping the thread tidy. For discussing the content of the dev blog you should head to this post instead.


The synth boosters receive a buff from 3% to 6%, is there any plan to rebalance all the other boosters? For example taking a look at the frentix or mindflood boosters where the drawbacks are way higher than the bonuses?


How does CCP plan to increase player numbers in Low sec and Null? Adding more rewards hasn’t done much to change the population in the past. How is this going to be any different?


Due to the nature of the manufacturing changes, which include introducing Mycoserocin gas as a required…

Did you forget to mention that Cytoserocin is a required gas material for some reactions as well? You sure listed it in Table 2 New Components, Reactions & Blueprints.

In addition, the distribution of Mycoserocin gas clouds will be greatly increased and will now be included in all Lowsec systems, as well as select Nullsec systems.

Does that mean every low sec system will have a Myko site like there is a ore anom in every system now? A bit more clarity in this regard and this “super huge” dev blog would have been appreciated.

What I also do not understand is why Battleships need to become more expensive, even if it is just a little bit. These ships are hard enough to use as it is, they have more disadvantages than advantages as it is. Making them even less appealing sounds like a very backwards idea.

Why are the tables in the Excel sheet not named? Why is it an excel sheet to begin with and not a PDF that is easier to navigate and read. People use the SDE anyway for their apps and calculations.

Requirements for a given ship will be determined by a variety of factors, including tech level, ship category, hull type, size, and purpose, among other things. Based on these factors, each ship will be given a tier, and their material costs updated accordingly.

Funny how CCP removed tiers from ships and now introduces them back. Would be nice if CCP explained why they need tiers in industry now instead of just throwing that out there.

Increase the importance of wormholes and allow wormholers to be a catalyst in New Eden’s environment

Would be nice if CCP added some information how they want to do that without you having to read through that Excel. That way, people could put all these weird names lie LM-Compo Molecular Condenser better into perspective.

And royally screw the person who came up with slow mode. :slight_smile:


I’m breaking this up into single questions/question groups so that the ‘vote’ feature can work properly and CCP can’t say ‘well, sure, people voted, but it was multiple questions so we didn’t know which one that wanted’.

As a result, this will take me a few hours to get everything posted.

Question 1: Why does Table 4. Supcapital Ships Blueprint Changes have no T2 ships other than the Exhumers and Expedition Frigates?


Question 2: Why is the Scorpion—and only the Scorpion—less material-intensive to build than literally all other T1 Battleships?

Question 2a: Why is the Scorpion less trit/iso-intensive now than the Megathron, when it has been more trit/iso-intensive?

Question 2b: Why are 2 cruisers from each empire (Arb/Aug, Blackbird/Osprey, Celestis/Exeq) at the lower material cost… except the Minimatar (only the Scythe, not the Bellicose, which is analogous to the Arb/BB/Celestis)?


I’m a recently new player, I don’t know too much about manufacturing, so this update will be pretty awesome to see, but I’m curious: If I’m your average joe mining belts and gas belts, how will this change my modus operandi?


Q: T2 ship production is a 6 step process (mine, refine, reactions, reactions again, advanced components, t2 hull), how many steps will be involved in Titan construction?


Instead of adding Cytoserocin to the building mix for faction ships, why didn’t they use existing items from the pirate factions that just linger unused in the database and added them to the data sites so that these data sites would finally become worth running and become an important part of industry?


When will you return the cabins to the game?


When DBS and MESS are getting removed (so I can play the game again)?

When will whoever responsible for MESS and DBS get fired?

When will the mining removal be reverted?


Question 3: Why is Table 2: New Components, Reactions, & Blueprints so terribly organized? Just make columns D → [whatever] be their own PI inputs, and don’t be afraid to include an assload of greyed-out 0s. It works just fine, and it’s a lot easier to read and keep track of than this terrible table. Holy Carp.


Questions for the show:

  1. How will insurance work with all of the changes? CCP has in the past tried to lower insurance on capitals and supers. Now that they require more than minerals will they see and insurance adjustment? Will we see and update since subcaps also had their minerals changed?
  2. Is there a concern that the Synth changes are broken? You get to choose from: 6% shield rep, armor, rep, cap, or 4.5% sig size AND 6% tracking, optimal, or falloff AND 6% explosion radius.
  3. Is there a concern that T3 ships will become prohibitively expensive due to the increase in demand on WH gas?
  4. There was a massive hammer taken to Trit, but it was compensated by increases in the other minerals. What was the thought process/goal of these changes?
  5. What is CCP’s thoughts on WH salvage? Changes were expected based upon inferences from CCP wanting to increase the use WH resources. No changes happened.

Also, the Devblog says “The distribution of Mycoserocin gas clouds will be greatly increased and will now be included in all Lowsec systems, as well as select Nullsec systems.” Can the some nullsec systems be NPC nullsec?

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Question 4: Is it ‘Mycoserocin gas’ as listed multiple times in the dev blog, or ‘Mykoserocin’ as indicated in the spreadsheet?

Question 4a: How likely do you at CCP think it is that the blueprints will require ‘Mykoserocin’ but the actual gas clouds and items from them will be ‘Mycoserocin’ because this stuff’s being worked on by two different people who don’t know they’re spelling it differently and will each add it to the database when they don’t find their spelling already there?

Question 4b: If, even after this warning, exactly that winds up happening, can I have all your stuff?


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Thank you for your understanding

ISD Bahamut

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The Devblog said: “Once these changes are live, focus will go towards capital mining as well as the risk-reward-attention trifecta of Nullsec combat anomalies to seek opportunities around incentivizing high-risk, high-attention gameplay such as capital ratting.”

Will these sites have the ability to tackle supers? Something like HIC rats? Because right now supers can’t be pointed by the site and can GTFO at will.

I will try and place this in as few words as possible.

For PvP alliances of a small - to - medium size, the words industrial wing are a bit of a misnomer. At best, you have a handful of individuals importing the base materials to produce things too large to import- namely, T1 Battleships and Capitals (Dreads, Carriers, FAX). They don’t have the industrial support to build T2 or T3 doctrines, and always chose to import those from Jita instead. This relatively small supply chain allowed for groups to have some degree of mobility, and meant that a group with only 30-100 actives could have the necessary heavy assets to be able to fight outnumbered on defensive objectives.

My Question is: What will an industry chain for a small - to - medium sized group look like under the new system? Will we still be able to import everything in order to build battleships and capitals (not supers) within a reasonable number of jump freighter loads? If not, how many additional players and characters will we be forced to recruit who do not fit our preferred PvP lifestyle, and how much space will we be forced to lock down in order to secure necessary PI chains and locations for reactions structures?

Active moon mining crippled the lowsec PvP economy outside faction warfare for years. Please make sure you don’t do the same for all small and medium sized PvP groups in every area of space.


Question 5: What the hell does ‘Normalize the value proposition between different activities in EVE’ even mean? Can you maybe speak non-buzzword so there can be clear communication, instead of corporate buzzword doublespeak?


So when will these changes be live on SISI so I can see how hard CCP is going to take me from behind to benefit the null sec alliances?

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