Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction

Came here to specifically post this.

Some things that would help in this case managing PI .

  • Multi select with drag and select the amount we want of all select. (this one would help in a lot of things in EVE)

I move 8 types of materials to 6 planets, all same amount, but I still have to select and input amount 8 times each type of material to ship and do that 6 times to each planet, it would also help moving from the custums office to planet becasue I only move half at the time so it’s more 8 times selecting amount of matetials in 6 planets each time again.

  • To have a default extract time option selected by us, for everytime we decomission a extractor and move to a new location.
  • Asking a move extractor option would be to much ??? We could have a move option , the heads would come back to default location around extractor , we move the extractor, link will follow, (seeing PG needed by distance would help) and we would only need to select heads position again.

Having spend a great amount of my EVE time doing mostly PI as of late, when my ISD duties allow it, with 2 characters each with 6 planets, with setups for 10-11 planets extracting Raw materials and making it into P2 products and 1 planet for importing P2 and making P4 products.
Just my P2 to P4 Planet would still require at least 550 clicks with the changes coming to PI (this is with Command Center, 22 Factories, 4 Storage and 1 Launch Pad). Every time I want to change the P4 product I have to do about half that many clicks (about 300) again.

I for one would greatly appreciate any improvements that would reduce the # of clicks needed in managing the colonies when it is up and running. I usually use 24h cycles on Extractor(s). I do appreciate these QoL changes coming in Into the Abyss


Could you change factory structures to give them upgrade options? So instead of placing 6 factories you can just upgrade a single factory to its 6th tier?


I apologize if I missed this feature in the list of UI changes, but definitely need a “restart all extractors”, so that you don’t have to twiddle through each planet and each extractor to restart them, one by one, after the extraction period is done.

Also, when you get around to actually fixing the various PI capacity numbers, please do something about the “lauch rocket” capacity. Currently, it is utterly useless.

Thank you.


Such suggestion is already in the Little things / Small QoL thread


Failure to remove the blue building holograms means this is a total failure from my perspective. The blue buildings are stupid, ugly, and only get in the way. They serve zero purpose, provide no visual information, obscure my view of my icons and make selecting them sometimes impossible.

I don’t care about the clicks. They don’t bother me. In fact, nothing else in PI bothers me but the blue buildings.


These drive me nuts as well, but there is the note about them fading when creating links. That’s definitely a step in the right direction when you have pins that are vertically oriented.

I would support their complete removal, but I’m OK with this change.

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Allow us to select all of the processers and select one type of product to make. Maybe let us route all of them to one location as well.


“One minor thing that would be another great change would be to improve the extraction time setting UI. Even hash marks for common times, like 24 hours, 48 hours, etc, would be a nice improvement to avoid “dialing in” the extraction time. It would also be very nice to have a “global” extraction time set for a planet so I can set a common time for all my ECUs in one go without having to go to each one.”

I have definitely desired this suggestion in my own experience with PI. Adding onto it, even if we could manually type in the number of hours/minutes/seconds it would be quicker, in my estimation, than awkwardly clicking along a slider for just the right cycle time. What do you think about that?


Please add “Access Customs Office” right next to “View” and “Warp To” in the Planetary Colonies window so we can easily start moving stuff around as we’re warping to the customs office.

Otherwise, this is everything I wanted.

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Auto route to the nearest storage would be nice, and cut a lot of clicks


First of all, thank you for spending time on this aspect of the game. Any rework is very much appreciated and long due.

One more pain-point that could be fixed with the same release is the routing materials from Storage Facilities or Launchpads to Factories. In setups using dedicated factory planets, people are dropping for example P2 PI into Launchpads, route these to P3 factories, and then to P4 factories, and pick up the P4 from the Launchpads. So if we could open the Launchpad/Storage Facility, select a material and set multiple target locations, that would be awesome and greatly reduce the number of clicks required.

Further explaining with example:
I have 3 Launchpads, 3*6 Advanced Factories, 3 High-Tech Factories and a Storage Facility. Input P2 PI is placed into the Launchpads. From here, I need to route 2 types of P2 PI into the linked 6 factories, and do the same for the other Launchpads too. P3 output will be routed to the P4 factories, and P4 output to the Storage Facility.
If the setup of the P2 requirements could work in a way that I click on Coolants for example, then select all 6 factories in a row, and then click on Submit. That would save 18 clicks per P2 per Launchpad. So setting up a P2->P4 factory planet would reduce number of clicks by 108.

Thanks for considering


Good day

Ty for reduce the clicks :crazy_face:
the ability to save a particular setup would also be nice
and the link upgrades could use a look at , now if you upgrade a link you do so with 100% (double of furst)
usually you only need 30% to 50% more, so you use cpu and power to upgrade a link you really only need half of the upgrade .
maybe upgrade the links in steps, 25% / 50% / …

i hope the new planetary colonies window is not much bigger than the old one

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Appreciate any improvements, I understand the bang for the buck tradeoffs needed to be made.

It would be nice to disable the holograms, I get they are fancy, and maybe cool early on, but as a more advanced user I don’t need them anymore.

I also agree with the desire to improve extract time intervals. A drop down would be easier (then maybe some simple increase/decrease from preselection).

I’d like to group and safe layouts of the extraction heads, make it a 2D version of managing scan probes and it would have a consistent look/feel for players (and maybe even some shared code).

That’s my 0.02 ISK


So glad to see PI getting some love!

Have you considered moving the planetary interaction window in a window much like the Map/probe scanner that be resized/anchored/full screened as desired?

I too, would enjoy if the holograms are disabled, because they make the buildings very hard to see when zoomed in to a very fine scale as the holograms cover multiple buildings. Maybe there could be some sort of zoom scale, where the holograms will not show up if you are zoomed in beyond a certain amount. The other changes look very nice though.


Being able to move extractors around would make this much better.


I’m looking forward to using this. I setup triple P4 factory planets using roughly 24 factories at a time and the routing is my major pain point.

I would like to see the need for setting up routes partially removed. More specifically outputs should still be directable but inputs should pull resources from any connected storage.

It would also be nice if all resources would be directed to one factory at a time in order to avoid splitting the last batch of PI over several factories and getting nothing back.

I would also like to see general inventory management improved. Moving materials to multiple planets involves a lot of splitting of stacks which takes a lot of time and a lot clicks with interjected typing. Something as simple as splitting a stack into groups of N units, with a final stack of whatever is left over, would remove much of that pain.

Thanks so much for this attention to a widely used feature! Interaction with Planetary Industry (a more grammatically correct name for the feature. This suggestion, (I wasn’t the first), earned me a post-like by CCP Guard) is required to produce a large and increasing number of items. It requires a lot of characters doing it, or an insane number of clicks to scale up for a single real player. I don’t know how else to say that more developer attention is justified, for more improvements to usability and Art.