Yacht SKINS and Racial Variants

First off, the yacht is the ugliest insect looking thing in the sky, but it is so ideal it gets a lot of use. I’d love to see SKINS for it and if time permits, other non-Gallente counterparts.


Actually not the worst idea, but they’d have to be named differently.

ie; Amarr Pilgrimage Vessel, Caldari Corporate Messenger, minmatar lashup spaceraft.


This is more likely to get picked up if you place it in the official CCP little things thread:

There’s an Amarrian-owned Opux in the database, and one of the early Chronicles featured an old Viziam luxury yacht (which used the Omen model; this Chronicle is old).

Now THAT is the one I want to see! Omen is gorgeous.

It is indeed! Although I doubt CCP will be making an Omen hull variant just for a yacht that few people will want to fly.

In all honesty, I doubt we’ll ever see CCP letting us get access to the Opux, either. Iece Quaan was lucky enough to steal the first one during the Quafe Ultra event (though @Tyrrax_Thorrk would have gotten it if they’d trained Gallente Cruiser I) and the only other Yacht was given to a couple who got married at Fanfest 2005. It’s a pity, really…

True, it’s a vanity request, but everybody has a yacht. There’s no better conventional vessel for moving a pod.

I don’t understand what you mean?

Besides cyno jumping, if you need to move fast, a yacht can do 15.72 AU/s and with 4 stabs you can beat multiple insta-lockers at once. The only time I’ve lost them is because I was distracted from the game.

Yeah, but that’s the Victorieux. I thought we were talking about the Opux?

Why would we? It doesn’t exist for all intents/purposes. The VLY is a workhorse.

Fair enough.

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