Created New Character Just to Insert My Two (Or Three) Cents

Be better deal for all if CCP would concentrate on writing bulletproof code, get what we got working, cease pandering to the limited attention span and instant gratification set, and maybe, after due consideration and technical analysis, perform major updates once or twice a year. There is so much to do, so many wrong ways to go about it until you luck up and get it right, so many things lurking in the darkened corners to grab the unwary, so many nuanced approaches to playing this rather wonderful game. It’s a sandbox, you play your game, not fly interminable missions for AI masters. Missions are nothing but goals, you can craft your own missions, play by your rules and have fun (well, maybe) doing it.

Just my two (or three) cents worth, and now I present myself to the masses to be rivened and scorned for my rather archaic thoughts.


Why did you feel the need to make a new character to say that?


Why ask why?


Maybe because most players have a forum alt cuz they’re too scared to post with their main.


Agreed with all above.

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Character info such as corp, kills, all that are intel, and intel ain’t free. It’s not fear but a supreme reluctance to just give away free intel. I was thinking of naming the new character CreepyForumTroll but that was a bit much, even for me. And I can’t help but note the absolute lack of discussion of the points I raised, instead the focus was on why I created a new forum alt like character. Normal forum thought processes at work.

1: You did end the OP by saying you present yourself to the masses…which you really didn’t as you created a “fake” character.

2: as for me, I don’t see what you said that was anything new and hasn’t been talked about in some form over and over.

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So sorry. It just stood out as being odd because the things you said were not controversial at all. Saying things such as CCP should write better code and make the things they’ve already put out work are hardly likely to be hotly debated by most EvE players.

Well I certainly don’t want to dissappoint you. In light of your expectation, please allow me to respond directly to your points: You don’t say?!

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The software development paradigm has changed a lot over the past 20 years. We used to do detailed upfront planning followed by an extensive development and testing effort to deliver a monolithic product. The problem with that approach is the product is rarely what the market needed.

Now it’s short iterations producing small increments guided by market feedback. Eve has undergone massive changes in the past year, we don’t notice because we get them in bite size pieces. The process is also remarkably robust - we expect 100% availability and we usually get it. Small incremental deployments tend to have fewer bugs than massive releases but you should assume all software has bugs - that way any surprises you get will be pleasant ones!

Many of the people here on the forums are complaining that CCP doesn’t produce enough content and many are complaining that the service is overpriced or the free option is too restrictive - these are mutually exclusive, The developers are paid in real world dollars. If we want more content - we need to pay for it.


@Do_Little perfectly said!

@Rabaniski At the end of the day, I’d far rather see incremental builds.

Imagine, for example, once a week the devs were to look at and implement their favourite item from the Little things / Small QoL suggestions thread. The March release itself was fantastic, but their “little things patch” that came with March was easily my favourite… and it always is when they release patches like that.

The OP only makes one suggestion.

CCP never did that. EVE Online is as Ad Hoc as it gets! Small increments chasing the market, by which I mean chasing MMO player dollars.
CCP isn’t guided by market feedback, Hilmar used to boost about not listening to market trends (because EVE Online was definitely NOT a market trend) and CCP completely ignores the people who they make the bulk of their money from!

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I’m 100% on board with a game company that doesn’t listen to their player base. A person is smart but People are stupid.

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Fook, we’ve got CSM! What other game company does that? And is even in fooking Iceland? And even flies people there, for free vacations? Eh? I say again, Eh?

meh :frowning_face:
Other game companies are making gamers rich, giving them unbelievable opportunities, and these gamers are flying all over the world! Other game companies are making massive contributions to society!
CCP is chewing players up and spitting them out. No one is eager to return to Iceland, and you never hear from anyone again that does goes there.
What passes for pvp in EVE Online offers no drama, no depth, no strategy and subsequently generates NO INTEREST. Who’d want to watch SuicideGanking CyberBullies??? As a result, EVE Online does NOTHING for the people that play it.

OP made three suggestions, maybe four, perhaps all in a rather narrow arc but separated by a few degrees of intent/meaning.

Have you tried playing it ?

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