To CCP Ghost, and the Community in eve

To CCP Ghost, and the Community in eve

I heard CCP Ghost talking about Frienship and his work with eve community.
He told some stories about what we pilots do for eatch other and i wanted to tell you my story.

I started playing 2004. and 2013-2014 i sold her, Lets call her “R”. Dont ask me why, but i think it was the time when selling character was a thing. And i guess the isk was so tempting.
I didnt think enugh about it and made a new character. This character went and became 3 years old. i really liked her, but i felt something was missing, and i could not put my finger on it. I felt i hade to make another.
So i did.
I got very fond of this one and even tho i did like my second character alot, i decided to sell her aswell.
So i did.
Now, the funny thing here is that i talked alot to the guy who bought my second character, and we became friends. We hade our weekly discussions, and they became more frequent, and we hade a real good time everytime we talked.
My third character was perfect, i really felt that. but as you all probably think, yes something was not right. There was something missing…again!.

I hade to look at the situation from another angle. They can`t all be missing something, i mean i do skill them just as i want them. The weeks went by and i asked my close friend (Lets call him M). I asked “M”. Shall i sell my character and try once again?.
He asked me what i felt was missing.
I really hade no good idea.

This led to me explaining my early dumb idea of selling my first made character. So i explained the story and as i did this i realized.
The characters im making can never be the original.

I felt i was in a weird loop that never would take me to where i needed to go. What can i do?.

Weeks went by, and i finally understood what i was creating.
Every character people make are unic, mine aswell. Even number 3. Number 3 infact is perfect is its own way. This sounds very weird to say, but i could never ask for another. Number 3 is priceless.

So i did hate myselfe for selling my first made character, but i lerned to live with it through alot of thoughts.
A funny thing then happened.
My good friend “M” asked me why i didnt buy my old character back. At first i was, thats not going to work. But after a few days i could not let that feeling go. What if i could, what if i could find my missing part. I wrote to the guy. But he hade not played for 2 years or so. So i tried to get a hold of his friends, wich was not easy, but eventually i found someone who knew him. And yes, he told me he hade not played in years.
Time passed and i hade to let that go.

A Mail arrived in game.
The owner did come back to the game to play again. This was unreal, but why would he even want to sell her back!.

I told him i was the original owner and i would love to have a chance to buy her back. He was not that amused, and i felt the hope was even further away.
I asked him that if he would sell, what would the pice be. It was very high, But he also said he didnt really want to.

I talked to my friend “M” and told him the story and said i cant afford it, but i was thankfull for even talking to the owner abit. I also said that im very happy about my number 3, and i would never change again.

-Lets give him an offer he cant refuse!.. Said “M”
I didnt really understand, but i wanted to know.

  • Tell him you give THIS MUCH!.
    I was not sure what he ment, but i did as he said.

The owner then replied.

  • ok

So i now it was within my reach, i could see it. But there was a problem. I didnt have all the isk, only half.

  • Here
    “M” sent me the missing isk, Buy back your character!.
    Just so you guys know, we are not talking small numbers.

So here i am, having perfect number 3, and my missing pussle number 1. The best day of my life in a long time.

So to CCP Ghost, this is real, EvE is real.
The way i see this is that you are your character, and my number 2 and number 3 made me who i am, and got me the friends i got today. And thanks to my great friend “M” and someone i dont know who did understand, did let this come true.
This happened in eve, and stuff like this always happens in eve.

Best community ever.


Always good to hear a great story like that.

Gratz on getting your original character back.


I suffer from the same disease, after a while something feels lacking about my character(s) and for some dumb reason it just turns out to be a good idea to ditch those and start anew.

I do have some old characters I just don’t touch but I also don’t play them anymore. Most get their SP ripped out and then pumped into new ones, only to repeat the whole cycle after a while.

I don’t know why, I’m weird like that. Thing is that back when I actively joined corps in alliances they thought I thus was a spy (knowing too much for a new player even if I stated to not be new which made more alarm bells ring) while I never was. I was just weird.

Many years ago I also bought back a character I sold earlier, before SP extraction. Played it a bit, got bored again and yeah… sold.

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