I haven’t got many old chars left but this is what I do have if you’re interested 2008 char 2mil sp 265k free sp 2009 char 4mil sp 350k free sp 2014 char 125k sp 50k free sp

Hello M8

If Terr0r3 were older I would have bought him immediately, I would have a char more as old as my own main… I have many alt char from 08, 09, 10 but thank you for spending time showing me them :slight_smile:

Not sure I want to part with her, but let me know if you’re interested. She’s the 3rd character I made on my account.

5-28-2003 596,694 SP of which 256,000 is unallocated.
Has (a-Resculpt flag) so you can redo her looks for free.
But She is hot as is!

I will buy this character ( Ginger Anne )

pretty much a starting character. born 2007.05.02, in state war academy for 4350 days. sitting in Ikuchi station for all these years.

I would be a lot better even tho I’m newer!

I might sell her Schwami, how much would you offer?

Whatever you ask within reason.

My offer for Ginger Anne is: 10 bil.

Sure, I can do that. I will make a private sale thread in a few minutes.

Thank you!

I was offering 12b

retracted due to possible scam

You are lucky man!
I had no idea that false information could be given on !

That’s a complete fail on CCP to even allow that to happen. And maybe when they lock the topic they can investigate

You cannot submit false information, you don’t submit anything, it’s pulled directly from the servers. This character was sitting in my Corp for nearly 16 years, until I decided to sell her, at which time I moved her to an NPC corp, per the rules. Regardless I have a bug report in with CCP on this to have it resolved. Until it’s resolved this character isn’t for sale.

Eveskillboard and game shows different dates of Ginger Anne birth.
I don’t know where the mistake is, I don’t judge anyone.

Possibly still interested, depends on how the investigation goes.