One of the oldest Char ingame for sale 116,7mill SP

This Char is older than EVE Europe.
Thana, Moros, Rorqual, Anshar, Sin

Best Offer

Just an FYI on forum rules so topic isn’t locked:

  • Character that’s for sale should post on here confirming sale OR be the OP.
  • You need to list whether wallet is +/-
  • Location: High/Low/Null/WH
  • Docked in station or in space
  • Killrights for/against
  • if pilot isn’t in NPC Corp they need to be
  • Security status

I’ll open at 110b, subject to compliance as mentioned by Isabella.

It’s me. I’m for sale.
Skillboard updatet - now 117.5mill SP and no unallocated SP
wallet is 315isk
Location High 0.7 Itamo docked
no killrights
Sec Status 4,87

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111 Billion

114b isk

Queen Currency, pls check your ingame mail

im afraid i found another pilot and cannot afford to purchase this one as well. I respectfully retract my bid. Good luck 07

I am open for new offers

My bid still valid 111 Bill

112 bil

@Fork 113 Bill

Faydhe I will be yours :)))

Im sold!

113 Billion isk sent
Account name sent be eve-mail.

Awaiting transfer.
Thank you.

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