One of the oldest Char ingame for sale 116,7mill SP

(Eva Hustler) #1

This Char is older than EVE Europe.
Thana, Moros, Rorqual, Anshar, Sin

Best Offer

(Isabella Korzana) #3

Just an FYI on forum rules so topic isn’t locked:

  • Character that’s for sale should post on here confirming sale OR be the OP.
  • You need to list whether wallet is +/-
  • Location: High/Low/Null/WH
  • Docked in station or in space
  • Killrights for/against
  • if pilot isn’t in NPC Corp they need to be
  • Security status
(Maizie Fields) #4

I’ll open at 110b, subject to compliance as mentioned by Isabella.

(Fork) #5

It’s me. I’m for sale.
Skillboard updatet - now 117.5mill SP and no unallocated SP
wallet is 315isk
Location High 0.7 Itamo docked
no killrights
Sec Status 4,87

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(Faydhe) #6

111 Billion

(Queen Currency) #7

114b isk

(Fork) #8

Queen Currency, pls check your ingame mail

(Queen Currency) #9

im afraid i found another pilot and cannot afford to purchase this one as well. I respectfully retract my bid. Good luck 07

(Fork) #10

I am open for new offers

(Faydhe) #11

My bid still valid 111 Bill

(Maizie Fields) #12

112 bil

(Faydhe) #13

@Fork 113 Bill

(Fork) #14

Faydhe I will be yours :)))

Im sold!

(Faydhe) #15

113 Billion isk sent
Account name sent be eve-mail.

Awaiting transfer.
Thank you.