How to contact CCP UI development

o7 everyone,

first and foremost, thx for all your awesome work you are putting into this great game.

I’m a very new player, and would like to know if and whom to address regarding the following question about the UI. I was making tactical bookmarks in nullsec when I noticed a difference between the tactical overlay map and the solar system map. The former has it’s ‘north’ highlighed with a brown/yellowish line, and the compass around the capacitor/shield displays a small arrow pointing in the same direction. On the other hand the solar system map also displayes a very similar overlay, but it is 180° rotated compared to the tactical overlay.
This was very confusing, I had to do a few bookmarks twice, since they were ‘on the wrong side’ of the gates. After talking to a few senior members in Eve-Uni I was unable to find any good explenation for this difference and would kindly ask to explain the reasoning behind it or even better, to sync the two maps.
It’s just a very tiny thing, and once you figured it out it’s not much of an issue anymore, but it might be annoying at the beginning. If somebody finds the time to look into the code and he really wants to be super awesome, add the same brown highlight from the tactical overlay to the system map, then everyone can understand it from the very first look at it.
Thx for reading the entire text and I would very much appreciate any comments on it.

fly safe.

Best place would the the “Little Things” threads that CCP Karkur looks after

write a letter then flush it down the toilet. same effect.

Thank you for your constructive comment.

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