[Its a bug not a feature] CCPlz revert recent change to agent missions indication on the left side

I hope this is the proper place to post my critic on the freshly introduced UI “improvement” for the agent mission indicator.

There is no improvement compared to the previous version of it (somebody please post a screenshot if you have it).
Previously i was able to see all the accepted missions on the left side without any scrolling or stuff. With the extra padding introduced it is not possible to have all the missions visible on your screen. It was quite useful to see the green checkmark once the mission is finished.

Additionally the thing refreshes whenever one makes a jump which produces annoying flicker effects.

Also i have the feeling it is generally bugged. Randomly stuff gets minimized (for example the Route).
Check this screenshot, taken several minutes after the inital one:
[posting the second image in a comment below since i can just upload one image]
For some odd reason the missions get shown twice.

What is the reason behind this changes? It looks like another set if unnecessary change which no eve player ever requested. I think there is many things on the UI which need to get improved but clearly this was wrong. The main issue with the UI is to get all the stuff you need to see on your screen. Making things take more space than less is clearly the wrong direction.

For now i can just disable this thing since the current state is not useful at all.

Maybe this is a secret attempt to finally kill the last thing people did in Faction Warfare so CCP can delete the undesired feature :wink:


UI Bug described above:


I will keep my eye on this for bugs. But yes if the green tick is missing that’s no good. That means extra mouse clicks!!!

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It looks like somebody has modded the UI in MS Paint. CCP, why you still use MS Paint for programming?


I did the initial post while/after picking up the missions.
Now i try to run them and it is even worse … oh man just delete lowsec already. Whoever did program this did not even test it.

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It was tested on lie detector by donut lying on the keyboard, it passed (its shelf life).

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I don’t typically use the forums but there is one change that’s so bad I felt compelled to come here and post.

I’m not sure what’s worse - the fact that it’s buggy and unstable or the fact that it’s hideous.

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It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling.

Some one has to approve these things, and they appear to prefer form over function.

What has the new format added? An icon of your cargo for distribution missions for example.

Functionality has been removed ( in the old pull down you could right click on agents home base ) the new format requires you to open journal and read details to gain right click access to agent’s home base.

For the anti-pirate story line I did yesterday the messages were inaccurate, misleading and incomplete.

As with putting the old agent finder in the agency, Functionality be damned,

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling…

Dowop dowop dooowop dowop.

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It doesn’t even look good in my eyes. I didn’t like the agency as replacement for the agent finder but at least it has some eyecandy and i can somewhat use it …

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If you like the eyecandy of the agency, good for you.
Personally I hate that screen grabbing bloated resource hog of incomplete, inaccurate spewing abomination. Thankfully there are other ways to locate agents, both in game and 3rd party sites.

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I admire the polite tone of topic starter who described step by step in civil manner why this stuff is bad…
If to put thing straight - this ‘improvement’ is complete garbage, person who did this clearly don’t know what he is doing and have ZERO experience in playine EVE.
Adding waypoints if you have gathered 10-20 desinations (hello lvl4FW) is a nightmare now - I have to manually put links in a notepad and add them from dere :))
Roll it back, for the love of Bob! It’s freaking unprofessional!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: CCP only ‘fixes’ FW in the Veterinary sense.

CCPls just delete FW already and put us out of our misery.

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Maybe it is true, the art department handles programming, server maintenance and who knows what else now. :open_mouth:

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But if that would be true, that menu should at least look decent. It doesnt really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they are lazy artists. :wink:

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I am lazy artist and I still do nice job, just very slow. :sweat_smile:

But you are not working at CCP though.

Yes. Probably that is why this UI looks like that. :thinking:

This is why i did not connect this issue with all the gameplay stuff which needs to be fixed.

I confirm your observations.

You can no longer fleet warp to your mission by clicking on the info on you screen’s left side. You must now open your mission details window to be able to right click the desto so you can fleet warp.

Also, no green check is bad.

And on my UI, many time upon jumping gates, i loose the System info and route info that appear on the left side of my screen.

But i m a big guy and im adapting without complaining: now i have the journal and mission window permanently open on my screen so i can easily view the missing info. Hence im playing a little more to Window-Online than Eve online, reducing even more the part of my screen dedicated to the beautiful visual effect CCP has created for me… sadly.