Tracking the next Storyline mission

So the game gives out a Storyline mission for every 16 mission. I think it would be useful if there was some way to know when the next one was going to be. I keep track of it in out of game notes so I can make sure the Storyline missions happens with the corp I am trying to build standings with.

Now I know you can get some of the data from the interactions tab, but it takes some digging to the count, and since the data there gives the date, and not hour, this is not very reliable.

What I would like is an extra tab in the “Journal” that would tell me exactly what my progress is for each faction & level towards another Storyline mission. Eve is already tracking it, since it has to give them out, it would just be good if a new tab was there that told me exactly what it was nice and clear.


Technically you could count the reward ticks in your wallet or the standing ticks in the Interactions tab, since they take place after every mission. But while technically possible, you are right that a graph interface for this important progress would be a much more convenient way. :+1:

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Reward ticks to your wallet will not work if you do a R&D mission, they give no isk. Standing ticks difficult if you do more then one corp.

I know you agree, but want to make it clear why any alternatives are poor solutions.

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This seems like a quick win.

Yeah, this is all good stuff, no downsides, would love to see it. Sounds simple enough to be a candidate for Little things / Small QoL suggestions?

This has been asked for before many times, I’m guessing the issue is legacy code.

When posting this I found plenty of people asking is there a way to find the information, but no one then making the extra step of saying, can we have a feature that tells us.

At least no one has pointed to another post this would be a duplicate of yet.

Did you follow mkikadens suggestion and add this to the link she provided.

Storyline missions are more about the faction standing, not so much about the corp, IIRC, you get the closest storyline agent for your faction when you hit lucky number 16, so it may not be the same as the corp you are running. As long as all 16 missions are done for the same faction and level, you’ll get a storyline.

For example, I run L4 Caldari Navy. My closest storyline agent is 2 jumps from me, she is NOT from CN. Now if I don’t run her mission(nor decline) my next storyline mission will be from the next closest agent.

I have not followed it yet, I had already posted something else there and don’t want to look like I am spamming the thread.

Storyline missions are mostly about faction standings as they are the only repeatable way of building them, but they can also give a lot of corp standings (some of the can give up to +3 for a corp).

I also run a lot of Caldari Navy missions and the closest is not CN, so I jump over to a different agent for the 16th that is right next to a Caldari Navy Storyline Mission agent, so I get her.

Storylines are NOT the only repeatable way.
Epic Arcs. are repeatable as well.

as far as the QoL thread, if you only posted once, and posted a second time, you’d be far from spamming compared to others…

You can just count the mails you receive, or the ticks.

I can’t in good faith consider ones ability to count …
… as something that needs to be somehow helped with.

The request is insulting the intelligence of everyone who just counts if he really wants to know.

Nope. No mails involved.

While it is true that you can count the prior received standings gains to estimate when your next storyline will generate, it isn’t perfect - there are a number of factors that can make this incorrect, plus it’s just plain annoying to do. Especially if you are collecting several storyline missions before running them, or keeping a certain agent unredeemed to cause missions to populate at another agent.

This would be a quality of life improvement, by reducing manual tracking on the players’ part of something the game is clearly already monitoring. Just expose the counts to the player UI somewhere reasonable, like in the Agency.

Curious if this is something that could be done outside of the game?

I am not deeply familiar with the ESI options, but I don’t see any that would capture the relevant data (mission completions, agent factions, agent levels, mission count toward storyline, etc) to make it something that could be accurately and simply automated using current exposed data.

One can estimate progress from Wallet data, but it wouldn’t be perfect - while you can use wallet info to tally missions based on payout events, there is extremely limited data - only the name of the agent is listed, not even the mission name. This means that the theoretical tool for tracking missions toward a storyline would have three data sets required:

  1. Wallet journal GET access: scraping the wallet for Agent Mission Reward entries and stripping the Agent Name value out of the Description field
  2. A database of all mission agents (Name, Level, and Faction affiliations): the scraped agent name (from parts 1 and 3) is compared against the database of agents to assign changes to the appropriate counter;
  3. Mail headers GET access: scraping for Storyline agent offers to again fetch the agent name (as Sender) and compare against the database to zero the applicable counter.

All of which is a silly amount of guesswork to estimate a value that the game is actually tracking - just not in a manner exposed to end users at all.

Well since you don’t receive mails for this, I guess your knowledge of the game is very limited? Also I explained why wallet ticks don’t work, some missions don’t give isk payouts, like R&D missions.

Right now if you want the number you need to go to Character Sheet → Interactions → Standings. If you dig around, and don’t forget any corp/agent you did a mission for you should come up with the right number. It is not that one can’t try to count it, but why should I take a time out of my regular game play to come up with a number the game already has and could just tell me. It is why others keep calling this a nice quality of life (QoL) improvement.

That is exactly the point, thanks for saying it.

just create a excel sheet, and every time you complete a mission, check mark it off…

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