No Storyline Missoins

After grinding Gallente rep for a while, i noticed I had access to lvl 2 Sisters of Eve Agents I went to Simela and started running them. After 27 missions & 3700+ LP I still have not gotten a Storyline Mission. Do they not offer them since they are their own faction with just the 3 corps?

SoE has Storyline Agents who will offer a mission after 16 missions of the same level have been completed.

The mission journal is where they get listed.

As @DeMichael_Crimson suggested, it’s per level, per faction. If, for example, 15 of those missions were for lvl 1, then you’re only at 12 for lvl 2. Most of the time, that’s the issue when peoples counts don’t add up.

You can get an idea of the count by going into your standings tab on your character sheet, find the agent you’ve been working for, right click > show transactions. It’ll show every standings adjustment, which is a good indicator of how many missions total you’ve completed for them.

I’ve run 27 missions, all lvl 2 from the same SOE agent and I havent gotten a storyline. I counted them in Interactions. Nothing has shown up in my journal or under Agents in the station saying offered Storyline. Maybe I’m bugged or something but I have run no other missions since I got to Simela and I left grinding Gallente rep right after the Storyline I had from those lvl 2’s. All the faction boosts I have for Servant Sisters of Eve are derived standings.

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Maybe try ‘Clearing all cache files’ in ‘Reset Settings’ tab of Esc menu.

Can also ‘Verify all downloaded files and purge extra files’ in the ‘Shared Cache’ menu of the Launcher. To access that option, click on the ‘E’ icon in the top right corner after opening the Launcher.

I finally got a Storyline Mission. 14 jumps away. Be careful what you wish for. Geez that’s a long haul for 1 mission.

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that’s the main problem with simela, the storyline agent is rather far away.

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