SOE Epic Arc and Servants Sisters of Eve Faction Standing

I just completed the SOE Epic Arc in an attempt to raise the Servant Sisters of Eve Faction standing. While the Sisters of Eve Corporation did go up significantly and with the completion of each mission, the Servant Sisters of Eve Faction did not show any progress.

Is this a bug?

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In general corp and faction standings are not linked. I can run missions for Federation navy but that doesn’t by default increase my Gallente faction standings. However I can run a mission against caldari ships and the Gallente faction will like that.

You will only gain faction standing with the storyline missions. Regular missions give corporation and agent standing. You will get at least one storyline each time you run the ARC but they are level 1 and grant very little standing.

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But do the storylines actually do anything for SOE faction? I’ve only ever seen storyline missions for the 4 main empire factions.

Sure, if you run them, just like the other factions you’ll get increased faction standing (along with the negatives that go along with it).

Need to move where you’re missioning? Or at least running that ‘last’ mission, as the ‘storyline agent selection’ process still does its thing. Edit: This is of course assuming you’ve been running missions for SoE.

There was going to be a screen shot of the SoE agent I currently have a l4 storyline offer from to show this for realz… but its still rather early! (i.e. effort) :slight_smile:


As others have said, no it’s not a bug. The lv 1 SOE Epic Arc gives option to choose between the 4 main Empire Factions. There are no derived standings incurred towards the other Factions when Faction standing increase is gained from Epic Arcs.

However if you do regular missions for SOE, you’ll get a Storyline mission offer after the 16th mission which will gain standing with SOE Faction. At the same time you’ll also incur standing, both positive and negative, towards all the other Factions.

The same thing applies to completing missions for Career, Circle, Data and Cosmos Agents as well. They give Faction standing increase which also incurs derived standings towards all the other Factions.

More information on repairing and or boosting standings can be found here:

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As others have said, this is not a bug. However, to quickly and easily get your SOE standing to roughly 7+ from a start place of zero do the following:

  1. Ensure Social and Connections are trained to 5
  2. Go do the Minmatar and Gallente Data Center Agents. You need tags to do these, you can buy them in Jita for approx. 500m. All you do is buy the requisite amount of tags, fly to the agents and they will ask you for a bunch of tags (which you already have in your cargohold).

I have gotten brand new alts from birth to +7 with SOE within about 2h using this method + buying the 1m sp DMC starter pack. Note, all of the data center agents are one-time use only.

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