PI structure list

Can we please get a list of the structure currently deployed on planets in the PI view?

It can be painful and time consuming to have to rotate the planet just to find where the extractors and factories are.
Especially on large planets like gas giants.

You already added button a button to focus on the command center.
Just go one stay further and instead make the button open a popup with the list of structures on the planet.
When we click on a structure, the planet rotates to bring the structure in the center of the view.

No need for further information regarding the structure.
Just the name and click.
That simple.

Of course if you want to get fancy you could add columns showing the current state of each structure.
Such as:

  • Name of the Output commodity for Extractors and Factories
  • Current cycle time for Extractors and Factories
  • Quantity of input materials currently in the structure for Extractors and Factories
  • Volume stored for Storage, Space port and Command Centers

Why are you building things so far apart? It’s not like multiple colonies on the same planet is worth it, you’re just wasting grid on extra launchpads.

I am not building things apart.
With the resources hotspots moving, you need to move your extractors and such.
Eventually they are far away from my command center.
And then I end up having to rotate the planet round and round again until I find my structures which are pretty grouped up, thus difficult to find.
And when you have several planets, then you cannot memorize all structures positions on each planets.
Anyway that was just a suggestion, if people don’t want it that’s it.

PI development is as dead as COSMOS missions.

A solution that would take care of the problem as simply as possible and without adding more buttons and tables to the interface could be to have the command center button cycle through the launch pads.

Press it once, command center. Press it again, 1st Launch pad. Press it again, next launch pad. Once you’ve hit everything, back to the command center. This would make it easy enough to find all your stuff in most practical situations.


I would be satisfied enough with that.
Thanks @Qia_Kare

This probably qualifies as a ‘little thing’ that you should put on CCP karkur’s list here:

Follow her format, and maybe you’ll see your button in a future eve release. Many little features have made it into Eve over the years thanks to that thread and others like it.

@Qia_Kare thanks for the suggestion, I just did that

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