Little Thing - Dailys auto claim with login

Can you implement functionality so we can auto claim daily’s if we pic it in a setting.
From time to time a claim is not processed for one of my accounts.
I usually open 8 chars at a time and split them over my 4 screens press the claim button on each eve instance. Then I kill each session with ctrl alt q.

Why not add these to the QoL megathread instead of cluttering up the forums.

Little things / Small QoL suggestions

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hate to say this, but i’m not liking this idea, the idea is a player logs in and claims there reward, if its automated, couldn’t you just run a small program to log you in and out, if the claim process is automatic for logging in, you could then spam farm daily rewards, this would be even worse when skill points are handed out over 30 day periods.

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It’s already pretty easy to just log in and out - I do it with 5 accounts daily on a mediocre computer. Launch clients, wait 2 minutes for them all to load, click ‘claim’ on each window, wait 2 minutes for all of them to be done updating, and quit out of each.


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