CCP: I beg you to consider (re-)enabling auto-claim rewards during events

[ If there is anyone else out there that feels this way, please like this post so I know I’m not crazy… :slight_smile: ]

I love the events. Please keep them coming. And disclaimer: I am legally blind, so if I completely missed something in the UI to solve this problem, feel free to let me know (in a polite way please.)

There is one thing that used to happen during Events - rewards were auto-claimed. We didn’t have to click a buttom in the Agency window.

I have a hunch this feature was removed due to technical limitations? However, I wanted to encourage CCP to bring this feature back. I’d like to site four reasons:

  1. We don’t get credit, as players, toward advancement of the next challenge in the series until we click the button.

This was a big problem with the Abyssal space event, but still a nuisance in general. If I’ve got my hands full fending off 20 drones, say, I don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to stop in the middle of the fight, open agency, click claim reward, then close or move the agency window.

It would help tremendously to mitigate this point if “overflow” credit was earned. If I need to kill 15 ships for a reward, and make it to 22 before claiming, it would be fantastic to be left with 7 kills toward the next goal.

  1. Distracting

As alluded to above, claiming rewards frequently throws us off our game and cuts back on the immersion Eve attempts to provide.

  1. It’s cumbersome

Stop what I’m doing, call up the window, find the right button, click it, close it back up. Repeat this process every couple of minutes. (The alternative is to not get credit toward completion of the next challenge in the series.)

  1. It’s friction for new players

While in the Events channel I saw newer players having learning issues revolving around the agency UI. I realize it’s not rocket science, but anything we can do to encourage new players to participate in Events I think would be good for Eve overall.

I’m not complaining - just want to encourage a feature that I believe a lot of folks miss.


I’m told that this feature might have been intentional, as to cut down on botting / farming of Events. I applaud that effort. I wonder if it would be possible to keep track of overflow points (they keep accruing even if you don’t accept an award). Then at the player’s discretion, they open up the agency window and can click their way through all of the rewards they’ve earned.

I don’t mind clicking a hundred times to work my way through all the rewards I’ve earned, if I can open up one window and then click all at once. Or is opening a window once and doing all the clicks way easier to bot than open-window-click-close-window ?


I’ve read all of the comments on this thread and been doing a lot of thinking. Perhaps if, instead of ‘View Reward’ appearing on the main screen, a ‘Claim Reward’ button could appear. I think a lot of the issue stems from the Agency being in a separate, large, and - let’s admit it - somewhat slow-to-render window.

I in no way meant to imply that any decision made by CCP / the devs was inconsiderate, trolling, thoughtless, or incompetent. I have tremendous respect for the difficulties involved of designing UI / UX for a game as intricate as Eve.

I was just hoping for an opportunity to open up discussion of reasonable alternatives to the most-recent implementation of claiming rewards.

Thank you everyone for participating in this thread - it is indeed helpful to know I’m not crazy. :slight_smile:

  • TL

*re-enable it.

CCP consciously and deliberately turned it off. The developer who thought that up as well as the QA people who let that go through should be fired.


If it wasn’t due to technical limitations, I"m sure there was something they had in mind. Maybe forcing players through a UI path that gets them more comfortable with the Agency window. Maybe they felt it would mitigate more questions by taking them to a screen that answers most of their potential questions.

I can only speculate. But I sure miss the feature.

I would imagine that the thing they had in mind was the reduction of the notification spam. It was really annoying getting spammed with useless notifications every other finished step.

However, now they made it worse. They did not fix the notification spam, they did not fix the uselessness of the notifications. They made this system so that you miss out on contributing points to finish an utterly repetitive points grind because you cannot click “claim reward” quick enough or simply forget it. They made it worse because not only do you need to click a lot for the hacking grid, you now also need to click for the rewards and get the notification spam. They made it worse because checking for the progress and having to have the Agency window open distracts you from the space around you and coerces you into errors.

If that was their intention, they would have fixed the notifications by sending you to the agency window instead of telling you how many points you got without any way to open the Agency window. Or they could just let you claim your rewards via the HUD section so that you do not have to open the sluggish and huge Agency window and they could show you the info for the reward tier in a non-distracting tooltip.

You could turn off the notifications and turn them into the same kind of notifications that you receive for standings but they open the Agency window like the Redeem Items notification. That reduces spam in the mail box, makes them actually useful and conveys information. There are so many ways to make things better, but CCP actively searches for the worst possible way to disimprove things that you can possibly find. I suspect this is on purpose rather than by inexperience.


That is irrelevant why they have done it. The reasons why they have done it are unimportant, they dont even cared to explain. It looks almost malicious.

It is relevant that this button pushing is obnoxious, and previously we had it autocomplete and everything was fine, at least for me, so I STRONGLY DEMAND turning autocompletion on.


Nope, you’re not the only one:

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I support it!

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You are not alone, this is one of the most bone headed changes I can think of. I suspect it is more related to anti botting (although I doubt it slowed them down much) than anything else.

@CCP_Dragon stated that it was not a change he thought up, maybe he would tell us the reasoning behind it.

An explanation might stop the torches from being lit and the pitchforks sharpened!


+1 I hate this feature. It looks like a bug to me. It’s not a feature when you lose rewards and points.

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So click the button.

Pay attention.

Its two clicks. I click more when i mine in space than i do with events.

No. Again, its two clicks. It literally says “Claim rewards” in the left part of the screen. If players cant figure out whats happening, maybe they should finish the 3rd grade before playing this game.


No. It was a feature because there was a problem where rewards were not processing properly.

Would you rather have it auto-claimed, but miss it 30% of the time? Or have to click, and miss it 0% of the time?

You only lose rewards and points if you forget. Guess whos fault that is. Hint: Its the same answer as when you forget to pick up your kids even when your phone is ringing and your wife is screaming at you to pick them up.

Not a big fan of manually claiming rewards either. I don’t know how this made it through.

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They will force feed you that agency window even though it’s crap, a massive eye sore, annoying to use, slow to update, buggy, has less utility than the stuff it replaced and was a totally unneeded “update” no one asked for.

They will keep the beatings going till morale improves and you readily accept said agency window as the true saviour it is. Until then you don’t get to have an opinion peasant!


They kept having a bug where the rewards would not be auto-claimed. So this fixed it. Thats why this made it through.

If youre okay with 30% of your claims going un-recognized, possibly more, then we can return to the auto-claim system. Send CCP a mail. Tell them youre okay with finishing 10 sites and having only 2 of them register, as long as its automatically done.

100% agree this is simple QOL stuff that should not have been removed.

I Have a guess as to why they did it though and it’s not to do with bugs. If you could auto-claim botters could easily AFK auto-run these sites with smartbombs b/c the item worth the most points is simply for killing the rats.

If that’s the case though the answer isn’t making the game less convenient for everyone - it’s stepping up your bot detection & banning them.

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Solonius Rex stop protecting this solution because there were a bug. If there is a bug they should fix it this is not a good solution. Did you try rogue drones sites? I click this claim button about 100 times in few days.


I dont know if this is all about bots or notifications or anything else but i do know that the Gameplay is suffering.
The Gameplay should be the priority Nr. 1 and not the “bot-hunting”-thing, botters finding always a “back door” to achieve their targets!

  • @CCP_Dragon: In any case, destroying the Gameplay it is not the right solution.
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Even when that was some kind of bug fix, this is not how you fix bugs, you dont make a button that thousands of players have to click instead of making function of this button clicking itself upon completion.



This is the fix, though. Youre complaining as if its still bugged. Youre complaining as if half your acheivements dont get through, even after clicking it, and even when youve fulfilled the requirements. This isnt the case. This is the bug fix.

You dont like how they fixed the bug. Okay, fair enough. But its not a bug. Its how they fixed the bug. Its still a feature, and isnt a bug.

To hell witch such features, bugs are better than this.

Especially when you could have applied any SKIN to any ship. These were the times I will remember fondly… :sunglasses: