Rogue Swarm Alert 2018

Fit two Small Memetic Algorithm Bank 1’s - to improve the virus coherence of your data analyzer.

Having trouble salvaging the Swarm Overmind drone to achieve Overmind Dissection points. I’m using 5 Salvage Drones 1 to do it, and I have Salvaging skill at 3 right now. How do I achieve those Overmind Dissection points?

salvage drone skill - in the Drones category, makes them better. I have it at 4. Even so, it can take a long time to salvage the overmind wreck just using drones. Or it can happen quickly, depending on RNG. But it IS possible.

Yeah, like Circumstantial Evidence said, salvage drones are affected by their own skill. Regardless, salvaging the BS is rather difficult; thus, you’d have much better luck with salvager mods. Personally, I just skipped salvaging, and concentrated on blitzing sites and looting the BS wreck.

I’ve personally just run an actual salvager in the high slots for the attempts and if the next site spawns before it completes I just warp on to the next and ignore it. Its just an extra 4 points per site… you get more by chaining sites than salvaging the wrecks.

It’s a leftover from the original fit, the local pirates in my region apply EM. And I have no idea if it’s doing any good with the drones. :smiley:
The local pirates are also the reason of my choice for Amarr drones, I’ve got some specialization skills in these drones because of the same pirates.

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I found in the forum for missions that list damage type that states the rouge drones do some EM damage, plus thermal and then starts to vary, so it may actually be a plus the way you are set up.

The smaller drones do do EM and thermal damage, but the BS does 80% explosive and 20% kinetic.

Thanks for the helpful comments! Some notes below…

Circumstantial Evidence - I’d forgotten about Salvage Drones skill. I bumped it up.

Shipwreck Jones - While skipping salvaging is a lot faster way to finish the site, I’d read that some of the rogue drone salvage will be necessary for building the new M super drone. If I’m to get my hands on one, I’ll have to build it myself.

Kynami Vaille - I’ve added a Salvager to an empty high slot with very little cap consequence and, as result, can now salvage the BS, when also using salvage drones. Easy now.

Another note: there doesn’t seem to be any particularly special salvage that come out of the Swarm Overmind drone, anyway!

Keep on trying: chance to get drone building components like “tactical limb,” etc., tho more often you will see regular salvage or metal scraps.

also drops the 6M AI thing. The one that drops in silence the informant and the storyline with the drones.


Elite Drone AI -

I have to say it’s first time for me to see this kind of event (returned after a few years). Except the manual (no shortcut) point reward claim in the Agency window, I quite like it.

What nags me are a few bugs. I kill everything, loot the BS drone and warp out. Sometimes the server marks the Nest as cleared in the missions, sometimes not … why and how this happens is a mystery.

Using an Ishkur with blasters and hob IIs, it’s like 3-4 minutes per HS site.

EDIT 28/09/2018: I have finished the event, reached the last reward … WTF does it continue counting points ? There’s not reason for that …

THE most irritating new “feature” added to The Agency … since … the Agent Finder got moved in, and lost features. It’s mildly insulting to ask us to click a stupid button over and over and over again, to claim points that were automatically calculated before. Efficient play demands you keep this additional window open all the time. I shove half of it off screen - just enough to see the four whack-a-mole buttons.

idk … perhaps there’s an overall fixed timer - sometimes you complete it faster than others? You can have zero to three “swarm” spawns in each site.

I also like the event, in general. @CCP_Dragon always manages to come up with something slightly different, which makes lore-sense, if we’re going to have repeating “seasonal” events: Surely Angels / Guristas / Blood Raiders would try something different, after getting mowed down by capsuleers the last time they tried.

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I don’t understand the hate towards having to click a button for the agency points. It takes all of what, 10 seconds tops?
The reason its there is to prevent bots from accumulating all the points and halt the progress of “passive play”

If that’s the sole purpose of it - its like saying “Let’s punish everyone for the bad behavior of a few.” They added more clicks to a game that has more than enough of them. I don’t think bot deterrence is the main or only concern, because the bots they really want to stop are nullsec anomaly farmers. This event will come to an end soon, but any automated anom farmers will keep right on going.

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no it is not.

I use an auto clicker to “claim” those. Definitely something any bot can easily do …

Well I highly doubt the devs said “You know what our playerbase hates? clicking. Let’s throw in some more buttons they have to click just to piss them off”

True, I doubt that they devs did it to piss us off or to troll us. And even though it is a small annoyance, it’s still an annoyance that many players (including myself) would prefer not to encounter on future events.

Anyway, here’s a whole thread dedicated to the topic for those interested.

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