Rogue Swarm Alert Return - Questions

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I just noticed a new article on the website portal (this one : Rogue Swarm Alert return september 18th). It’s apparently an event that already took place earlier in the games, when I wasn’t on yet. So I would like to ask some questions :

  • If I’m not mistaken, this event will see battles between the Rogue Drones and the capsuleers. But how will we participate ? Will the combat sites need to be scanned down with probes, or will appear as warpable beacons in the Overview ? And how was it the last time for lawless space, like Null-Sec and Wormhole space ?

  • What were the rewards last time ? I think we can except the sames with some additions.

  • Were the sites difficult, or can they be completed with a cruiser piloted by an Alpha clone ?

Here, thanks in advance for your answers and have a good day :slight_smile:

Billy Sanchezo


IIRC I either used a Drake or Raven.
They are warpable beacons that will show up on overview.

Rewards I think were Accelerators, and I don’t remember what else the rewards were.

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Can’t really say since CCP keeps changing the Agency tasks as well as how to access the event sites.

Rewards will probably be ship skins, cerebral accelerators and new drone BPC’s. Maybe a new type of drone implant if we’re lucky.

There’s probably gonna be various levels of sites available, usually high sec has the easiest and null sec has the hardest. I don’t think event sites spawn in wormhole space.


Maybe the event sites will be accessible only via T5 abyss in order to promote abyssal stuff some more since the last one has considerably died down already and you can’t make crap of off them anymore.

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They do spawn in w-space but it’s low sec that’s the hardest if we are following the trend.



Update: I did a write up of the event on my blog.

Beacons will appear in space, you just need to make sure that they are set to appear on your overview (Open Overview Settings -> Tab Presets -> Types -> Celestial). Also make sure that all the irregular ships are selected under the “entity” section.

Rewards will apparently include new skins, BPC’s for a new type of drone, and Cerebral accelerators.
Rogue Swarm sites were really easy the last time they showed up, and were capable of being completed by an alpha with a few days training in a kiting destroyer. There will probably be lots of drones in the site, so if you’re going to fly a cruiser, make sure you fit webs or tracking boosted mods.

And to CCP, I was going to hop on the test server and make a video about the event, but I found that Unsanctioned Labor Camps were still present. So, I was wondering if the event was going to appear on the test server any time soon? I mean, it would be nice -I’ll make a video, and report any bugs that I find (like those that might require the resetting of everyone’s progress :slight_smile:).


What are those Unsanctioned Labor Camps please ?

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On a more serious note, the last time they did a rogue swarm event it was one of the easiest ones. As you know different events have different difficulties.

The next drone event pass that was sleeper drones, and that one you had to be able to fly a ship that can withstand the combat and be a bit more experienced, but even then I have seen plenty of new and alpha characters doing it, but in groups of 2-3, which IMHO is perfect as it accomodated all difficulties.


They’re from the Dawn of Liberation event (2 events ago).


You can already find links ingame to the new drone implant. Its +5% drone damage for -10% hp across hull/shield/armour. From the wording it won’t affect fighters but who knows.


I posted rewards i found in database here:


They spawn as beacons you can warp to if you in highsec smaller faster ships were proffered like confessor or phantasm/navy omen because there were alot of tiny drones however last wave will have a cruiser battlecruiser or battleship dropping your goodies so bring as much dps as you can


That’s not the new implant, that’s the one that was awarded during the Federation Grand Prix event.


Wow… I am really disappointed with this event… For one, I can’t find a Dev Blog to submit feedback… So… @CCP_Falcon or whoever at CCP should get the feedback… Here it is…

4/4 sites NO LOOT in hackable container…
4/4 Sites, BS warps away before I can destroy it… 1/4 BS warps off before I could even lock it…
The ONLY thing I got was bounties…

I thought the idea for events was to get people to play them… I don’t see any reason to play this event. The SKINs aren’t enticing at all, it takes 1100 Agency points to get the Cerebral Booster… With no loot in the hackable containers, and the BS warping off before you can destroy it… There is absolutely NO INCENTIVE to play the event…


Please change the tasks to auto complete… This was the same complaint from the secret of the abyss event.


Maybe you should bring like… A warp disruptor.

That’s not a bad Idea Luigi… Might just try that… The biggest issue there, though, is I am already sacrificing one med. slot, for the data analyzer… I only have so many med. slots


Phantasm can do it, use a active tank one like this.

Just remove the warp scram for a data analyzer. You can also t2 or meta the fit

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Really… a half billion dollar ship, is your advice… Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


What can you fly and I can make a t2 version/ meta 4 for you