Rogue Drone event


Unlike other NPC’s, Rogue Drones don’t all need to switch to the “warp in” method of arrival. It’s baked into the lore that many will “emerge” from bunkers or constructs, that they have built. I think it would feel very appropriate for the “swarm” of Apis drones to simply spawn in the sites. Feel free to mix it up a little :slight_smile:

Yoiul Festival Accelerator description: 24h -> 72h
Thanks for adjusting the expire time so that we will be able to use this one on the “last day.” :slight_smile:

Agency points scaling:

Due to the “rogue swarm” burst of easily destroyed NPC’s, the points and task “levels” rack up quickly for the “destroy X npc’s” task. The pace (speed and number) of level-up notices seemed excessive compared to the last event. Perhaps that is why 1000 (larger than last event) is the current max target. If the “apis” types could be excluded from points tracking, then the pace of “level up” notices would be more similar to previous events, and a lower max point target could be considered, to keep the same amount of player effort required to reach the final prize.

Thoughts for other, perhaps lesser rewards, for players who push past the current point cap?

Inflation of accelerators … looks like acc training will be the norm in future not the exception :wink:

yeah, if these events continue at a regular pace… when will we NOT be “under the influence?”

next goal will be to have two accels running at the same time.

They… do, still. I think. Most of the Rogue Drones will warp in, but the Swarms should pop out of the structures. If not, report the bug.

We’ve got a bug in for the description.

They always worked that way, just adjusted the descriptions to better reflect exactly what it means. Also trying to set the expiration to 11:00 so it’s basically lining up with maintenance.

So the tasks typically will not scale exactly together. One task will get finished long before the other, and we’re okay with that. That is by design. Yes, this is also why 1000 is the end goal.

Something for people who push passed the cap? We’re putting together the base designs for leaderboards or something like that. It’s still a long way out.

Primary drivers so far: SKINs and Accelerators. Trying to fiddle with how the Accelerators work a bit to make some more interesting than others. And now I’m looking for other ideas for things to give away.

First up: Limited Edition Implants.

Swarm spawn: I did notice at least one Swarm arrive by warp-in, and that started me on the train of thought that some or all of them should be “emerging” from the Constructs. But I will have to try a few more sites now, to be certain and properly document it.

I think this is fine, it makes sense to end it with a daily DT. To explain in greater detail, the previous “last day” was 00:00 on the 28th, and I started thinking incorrectly, that the “last day” on which I could use an injector - was the 28th. When I saw the date number, it stuck in my head, I didn’t see or think about the time portion. Not your fault. The 27th was the real “last day,” lol. Moving the time to 11:00 means that accelerators will work on nearly half of the “last day” date.

Players have been speculating / hoping for a Genolution CA-5…

I recorded an “apis” wave warping into a Den site. EBR-139281
A relatively minor bug, but I appreciate your concern for lore and variety :slight_smile:

That was precisely the confusion we were trying to avoid. The other thought was to make it 23:59 on the 27th. Downtime seems to make sense at the moment because it’s something universal. Midnight server time is not universal and would have to be calculated by different players in different timezones.

I will leave naming to others. I might have some for Guardian’s Gala.

Probably won’t be fixed for tomorrow, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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