Rogue Drone Swarm Alert thing

Does the hacked rogue drone at warp in have a very very low chance of dropping anything?

The boss drone after the successful hack spawns and immediately despawns.

Anyone else getting bugs?

Every event starts with bugs on the first day.

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Fixed that for you. Why? Choose from the following options:

  1. Summer holidays (skeleton staff).
  2. New staff involved in event production.
  3. Not enough resources allcated to the teams in charge.
  4. Too busy snorting coke off a hooker’s a** after the sale to PA.

did not happen to me … i am at arround 500 points now …

… is what amateurs say.

All 3 accelerators cant be bought or sold with the market, they might be able to listed with contracts since the option to create contract is there but find in contracts isn’t.

Hey CCP where is the “Rogue Drone Feedback or Issue Reporting” thread, something tells me your scared of that one.


Valid reason il give em pass on this screw up.

Those things should make them more productive, not less.

No and Yes

interestingly I got this Agency Pyrolancea DB9 Dose IV

I don’t recall them going to level 4 before and that’s +9 to turret and missle damage.

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Some people got themselves concorded apparently from doing nothing.

Well, that takes the cake for event screwups…

Did u guys try salvaging Rogue Owermind wreck? Does it give anything worth of effort?

i was rarely salvaged drone coronary unit for 2.6m, mostly just scrap

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