CCP: I beg you to consider (re-)enabling auto-claim rewards during events


pick one.
The variation of values between your posts tell me that those numbers come straight from your ass.
BTW I never had this kind of issue, as far as I know. So definitely would rather have no bug than this bug we have now.


I did few sites to stockpile on accelerators then gave up later noticed I had to claim the reward points

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No, it does not. It says “View Reward”, which opens the Agency window and then you have to click on “Claim Reward”. If you could claim the reward via the HUD section, things would be somewhat more bearable, but thanks to CCP’s incompetence this is not the case.

This is a bug fix? Bug fixes are supposed to make things easier, not more annoying than they were with the error taking place. This is not a bug fix, this is a hideously incomplete, not thought through and frustrating feature. If this is the fix, CCP made the matters worse by far because now they blame the users for their coding incompetence instead of fixing the coding incompetence itself.


Agree on this. Especially on the Abyss event it was very annoying in that if you missed claiming the reward for room 1 you couldn’t score the points for the later rooms until the next Abyssal site. Ugh.


If I rememebr correctly, might be wrong on it though, I saw a CCP post somewhere saying that the whole hacking and the UI change to the events were designed to reduce botting, and I can kinda see how that would work.

Unfortunately, that means rest of us get to deal with the crappy UI, and people like yourself got hosed in the process.

Hacking was already botted from the stuff I can find on internet. It isnt so widespread as combat anomalies botting tho. Why CCP decided to pursue this particular method is beyond me. They should have been busy making combat anomalies less botable.

Clicking a button I dont consider strong anti botting measure. :roll_eyes:



Autocomplete would enable bots and no-life farmers to flood the market hardcore bringing the whole point (atleast in my opinion) of The Agency events down. Methinks agency events are more like a helping hand for newbies to gather ISK and earn their first omega time batch.

Enabling auto-collect would make it even easier to farm event on multiple accounts and this would go against new player, bringing the prices even further down.

I am definitely against making it auto-complete because it would probably mean LESS rewards and or untradeable rewards. Right now I just complete the event fully on 1 toon and it’s enough for me.


It took me around 6-7 Hours of gameplay to complete full event. That is definitely not a lot of clicking to do through 14 day period.

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If this is the case, perhaps a blended approach could work:

On the Eve technical side, they keep counters running for a player behind the scenes. Then,. at the player’s discretion / convenience, they navigate to a button that allows them to claim all agents points they’ve earned so far. It might not be as gratifying since you’re not getting points as frequently.

With my bad eyesight, major change on the screen is hard to handle. I don’t mind opening up a new window and closing it ONCE IN A WHILE. The major objection I had, however, was that once we completed an objective, overflow wasn’t tracked until we opened up the screen and claimed the reward.

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I see your point. I am also up for convenience, but not if it goes against the awesome rewards we are getting. This is my POV and ofc there are plenty of people that want convenience even if it may go against better rewards.

Then again, I don’t know what goes on in CCP HQ and why manual clicking is mandatory. This is just speculation which may very well be wrong.

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I wouldn’t say adding something is fixing a bug. While I don’t think this is a horrible game breaking thing, I do find it annoying. Also with the exception of the abyssal event I have run every event for the last three years with at least one character and I don’t think I ever had a bug that kept me from getting my rewards.

Autocomplete was no issue for two years, I don’t see it suddenly be problematic. If autocomplete is the price driver, why are the loot prices the lowest in two years with this event?


Well I was just giving my limited opinion on the topic. I certainly wasn’t playing a year ago so I don’t know what the prices were like. I was just expressing my concern if manual clicking was because of farmers and/or botters.

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IMO unlikely about bots, because this event is farmed like never before … because it’s so easy.

Maybe they have read the thread where Salvos proposed anti-bot captchas and such stuff? :thinking:

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Try reading the rest of the sentence. Here, ill make it easy for you.

So yeah, no contradiction. I did say possibly more, and my numbers indicated that.

They fixed it quickly, and it was a couple events ago.

View rewards, claim rewards, not really too much of a difference, but k.

Again, if a player cant figure out whats going on, then he really needs to repeat the 3rd grade. I figured it out on the first day. So did thousands of other players. Im guessing, so did you.

No. Bug fixes are not “This is too hard/complicated, please fix”. That is not a bug. A software bug is a defect, that causes an incorrect result. If you think Bugs are “Im too lazy and this is too difficult and tedious for me”, then you have no idea what the word actually means.

Bug fixes are not supposed to make things easier, they are supposed to fix things that are broken and do not work as intended, giving out erroneous results.

So youre saying that its CCPs fault that a player forgets to click and claim the reward? Is it also CCPs fault if you forget to activate your hardeners and repair modules and die?

Also, made the matter worse? How so? Again, the bug, left to its own devices, would mean that people would be unable to claim their rewards properly, no matter what they click. How is that better than the current system?

No one is saying that it isnt more tedious and annoying than having it auto-claim. What people dont remember, or fail to realize, is it took CCP literally 10 years to add an “Loot all” button.

But yeah, if the bug prevents you from getting the rewards no matter what you click, then adding something that allows you to claim the reward, is fixing the bug.

It was fixed very quickly, in less than a day if i remember correctly.

Things are not working as intended now either because now you miss out on points because NPC die too quickly or your attention lapsed for a moment because you were busy looking at dscan or local or intel. Before points got lost and no one noticed and you didn’t get frustrated about it as you didn’t lose them and had to click continuously to get the rewards.

Thank you for confirming my point. You blame users for a problem that CCP is not competent enough to fix. Before it was CCP’s fault that their crap software did not work properly, now it is the users’ fault if they miss out. Wonderful.

Before this “fix” you did not have to click anything, you just got your rewards. You don’t even know how things were before this mess of a “fix”.

Then may I suggest that fix the bug and don’t burden your users with the results of your incompetence? :thinking: The bug was not fixed with the click orgy, it was only mitigated and made the already hideously annoying Agency window even worse to use.


Having done this event twice already, this Agency click to claim is very bad game design.
It removes from the flow of play and causes a player to watch the progress of the event instead of playing the game. That is not even considering the size of the Agency window.


Its like a cumulation of wrong. There was so much said about agency window, suggestions to make it smaller, or to integrate some features into map instead of that window, but they of course ignored it. Instead adding to agency window even more stuff that makes you see it more and more… :joy:

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